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You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginI'll be going, because the weird work circumstances that allowed me to attend in 2015 happened again. If you decide to go and need a roomie, Alyssa, you can stay with me.

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that is sweet, thank u tj.
I should decided that soon- but i don't even know what i'm doing this weekend LOL -

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login..We're actually staying out in NJ to save money. $115/night vs $300/night really helps!

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I always stayed in Jersy- union city to be exact- there's a 24 hr shuttle bus that goes from union city to Port Authority for $3, 20 min tops ;)

We are staying in Secaucus, in the same area of hotels where we stayed last year, also taking the bus to Port Authority. :) It worked out so well last year that we decided to do the same thing this year.

During SDCC, I bought the 13th Doctor cosplay outfit from Her Universe at the last minute on Preview Night and cosplayed as 13 the next day for the Doctor Who panel. So I was excited to see that David Tennant is on the guest list for NYCC! We don't usually pay for photo ops (the only one we've ever done is a group photo with Stan Lee a few years ago, back when it was "only" $80), but I definitely want to get one with him while cosplaying as 13! My husband wants to get in on this photo op too and cosplay as either 10 or 11. We're kinda hoping that Jodie Whittaker is announced for NYCC so we can get a duo photo op! I mean, the new season is supposed to premiere in the fall, so it's possible, right? :D 

Friends of Comic Cons:
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I'm going! NYCC is my "working con" because I'm the only person from the blog who attends, so I'm usually drowning in press rooms. It's always a lot of fun, though!

I'm going for the first time! Friday/Saturday. I'll be flying into Philly to meet up with my friends who live there, then taking the train in for the Con.

I actually just got back from an NYC trip (to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child), so it's exciting to be going back so soon!

I'll be there. I'm there every year and for all 4 days. Last year I tried soo hard to get one of those Westworld hats. They closed line 3 people ahead of me on Sunday. (But I did find the store that makes those hats). I live in Brooklyn, so I just hop on the F/B/Q train and transfer to the 7 at 42nd Street, but still quite far away since it takes me about 75-80 minutes on the train. Living in New York isn't quite soo glamorous for me.   :-[


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