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FanExpo San Francisco 2023: November 24-26

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Dates Confirmed. Thanksgiving weekend again. From Event Map:

My brief review of Fan Expo SF: I liked it for what it was, a first time effort in SF. Compared to SiliCon in San Jose, I like Fan Expo more.

The badge pickup was slightly inconvenient where you had to enter one side of the Moscone Center, get your badge, then activate your badge online, then go back outside and re-enter through another entrance. But that was a minor issue. The bigger issue is that they did not give out lanyards. You had to pay for one. We opted to just keep ours in our pockets.

The exhibit hall was a good size, with a surprisingly large artist’s alley. This is the section I tend to like the most at conventions, and I appreciated that there were quite a few artists in attendance, from the familiar (like Jim Lee & Arthur Adams) to the unknown.  I ended up buying several prints and comic books here. There was a good variety of different exhibitors, though surprisingly not a lot of comic book specific ones.

I did not spend much time upstairs where the celebrities + photo ops were, but from what I saw, there was a good variety of celebs on hand, from the cast of Smallville to Clerks to a bunch of voice actors from various anime. There was a gaming section with the usual rogue’s gallery of board games, card games, and video games.

There wasn’t too much in the way of cosplay. What I did see, nothing really stood out as impressively inventive or unique. Surprisingly I saw only one Star Wars cosplay all day.

There was a surprising variety of food available within the con, from crepes to açaí bowls. But there is also a food court right across the street in the Metreon, so there’s no lacking in available grub. The website noted no outside food allowed, but we had no issue bringing in coffee from outside or having snacks in our backpacks (they did not check our bags, unlike SiliCon.)

Would I go again next year? Yeah, almost certainly. The Bay Area is in dire need of a good comic con, especially with the direction SiliCon is heading. My biggest issue is the date. One artist I was talking to was griping about it being Thanksgiving weekend, and I had to agree. He also mentioned the severe lack of advertising. I’ll be honest: I wouldn’t have known about this con if not for FoCC, so I had to agree with him there.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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thanks for the mini review!

Transmute Jun:
That's an interesting review, You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login . I agree that Silicon is headed in a direction that is not interesting to me. For the first time since SVCC began, my husband and I are not planning to purchase VIP badges for Silicon (next year). It does sound like this con was a better fit for us.

The lanyards thing may have been lack of a sponsor. But I agree that they should have had basic (string or cord) lanyards for everyone.

1. Ewan McGregor announced.

2. Hotels are up and the Mariott Marquis is once again $139/night.
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