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Star Trek Las Vegas Aug 1-4, 2024


Has anyone been to this convention in years past? I want to go just once but I'm finding the Creation conventions website... challenging... after years of getting used to CCI and ReedPop.

I realize they are for-for-for profit so it's going to be $$$, but if you've been, please let me know if you liked it, how it works, tips and tricks, anything. Thanks in advance!

Transmute Jun:
We have been to many Creation conventions. The trick is to only pay for what you want. They try to up-sell you on packages with lots of extras, but if you don't want the extras, it's not worth the price. A basic general admission (or preferred/reserved seat) isn't unreasonable for the entire weekend, but you will be sitting in the back of the room when the guests come out.

As an aside, the Rio is a horrible hotel. They try to upcharge you for everything. But it is what it is.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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