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I don't think we have a thread on this yet.  But here are two places to go to find shows in your area:

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Local shows are great for a lot of things:

--SDCC withdrawal
--Treating yourself to a comic con more than once a year
--Comic book prices are usually cheaper
--Not ticket/parking/housing/travel stress
--Meeting artists when they have time to talk/sketch
--No or less crowds
--Checking out the smaller things that you meant to check out at SDCC, but didn't
--In case you can't get a SDCC ticket
--A million other reasons, but there is a character limit here... :)

A lot of these little shows are enjoying very fast growth due to the attention that SDCC is getting and a lot are worth checking out.

Support your local comic con!  :)

Also, after you go to your local show, please post your reviews here so others can benefit from your experience.

What a great thread! In most cases, local shows are sooooo much cheaper as well!

Friends of Comic Cons:
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You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginWhat a great thread! In most cases, local shows are sooooo much cheaper as well!

--- End quote ---

Correct, cheaper admission, parking, etc and also cheaper with vendor’s wares.

If a booth only costs a vendor $100 for the day/weekend at a small show vs the $2,000 (wild estimate) at SDCC, goods are usually already priced lower and the vendors are more willing to haggle.  :)

Some of my best Con memories have been at smaller Cons. The entire atmosphere is more intimate in a way and you get to relax and enjoy the company of your fellow attendees a little better IMO. And because they have a smaller attendance, they can have certain events and activities that larger Cons just can't do. Human Chess? Did this at a Con a few years ago back East. It was soooo much fun! Try having an event like that at SDCC lol

My comic shop has a great con.  Real casual, but great for haggling/admiring/reading new stuff. And it's on an hour from my house!!
 This year I collected all the free swag no one wanted and am giving it to them to distribute to folks.


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