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anyone reserve a room for WC 2013?

I booked a safety reservation directly from the Hilton Anaheim.  No deposit and cancelable.  Last year the Hilton was the official WC hotel and the rate I paid then was I think twenty bucks less a day than what I reserved for next year.  I'll probably end up cancelling the safety res when they open the WC hotel reservations but I just want to be sure I have a room at the Hilton for WC.  Being right next door to the convention center it was super convenient.  And it is a Hilton so it's pretty nice.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Transmute Jun:
Since we're going to be at Disneyland as well, I booked a room at the Paradise Pier Hotel. It's easy walking distance from both the parks and the convention center. Even in the pelting rain last year the walk wasn't too bad. I have a AAA discount, but I'm hoping Disney will offer better Spring hotel discounts once the holiday season is over.

I'll see ya'll there!

I haven't reserved any rooms yet... Will do soon though


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