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Forum going black for upgrades & spiffyness implementation 11.16.12 @ 2pm EST

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We'll be down for maintenance next weekend starting at 2pm est. I do not know how long the upgrades will take. Hopefully a couple of days.  I will post on the CCI Forum when we are back up.

We intend to address;
Backrooms issues we need to address,
We'll also be looking at the overall presentation of the forum,
In addition we hope to implement some additional features

"Spiffyness implementation."  I like that.   :)

So we're back up. What updates/changes did we make?

Primarily back room issue were resolved.  The forum should be faster and more stable now. This was the major thing that needed to be accomplished.
Then we created a test area for future implementation of upgrades.

We tried to implement a few upgrades but we ran into a few snags & they were taking too long so we bagged them for now & will work on them on the test forum.

Welcome back!


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