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The Friends of Comic Con International (CCI) Forum started with a group of fans who congregated daily on the CCI Facebook page to meet, chat, ask & answer questions, and have fun.  As part of answering questions, the group utilized the Discussion Page feature of Facebook to answer repeat questions that were asked on the wall.  But then one day, Facebook discontinued the Discussion Page feature.  Not wishing this type of information to be lost, one brave woman created the Friends of CCI forum and the rest is history. 

It is a place that was created with a lot of pain and even more love by fans of Comic Con International for fans of Comic Con International where people can continue to meet, chat, ask & answer questions, and have fun.  We hope you find it helpful. (1)

It is a place were we can ask questions without being concerned with flaming or disrespectful responses. 

(1) Chris Chen

My name is Alyssa, as the above post says I started this forum as a place to keep information in Wiki fashion from year to year.  The community that developed is a wonderful by product I did not anticipate.  I have really tried to maintain a board that is helpful, friendly and full of historical information.

I live in the New England as a result I am ahead of CA by 3 hours. I attend the Con with my son, Lewis.  He's 13. My husband does not come all tho I have hopes he might one year.<grin>
I go for comic's, exclusives and TV/movie panels in that order.  I find my taste has shifted over the years from the big movie panels to TV & comics.  Most of my contributions to the board are in the TV section.

Greetings!  I'm Zero.  I initially stumbled upon this forum community through that fated "Discussion Page" on CCI's official facebook profile, and sometime later on, I approached Alyssa about helping with and maintaining the forums.  The rest is history.

I'm originally from Los Angeles, but after living in San Diego for almost ten years, I consider myself a local--it's now my second home. 

As for Comic-Con, I love the atmosphere of being surrounded by people with the same interests as I do: comics, TV, movies, cosplay, anime, manga, and video games.  I think of Comic-Con as a break from reality.  It's five days of nothing but appreciating all of the fandoms near and dear to your heart.

So, live, laugh, and enjoy your stay on the Friends of Comic Con Forums! ^-^/

Name: Chris “Comic Con” C
Rank: I am a Jedi--like my father before me.
Serial Number: 4 8 15 16 23 42
Race:  Of course, sir, I’m an elf.
Location: This Land
Super Power:  I can break anything as long as I don’t know that it’s supposed to be unbreakable.
Skills: I am fluent in over 6 million forms of communication including, but not limited to: nerd, dork, and geek.
Comic Con Objectives: To walk the exhibit hall like Caine in Kung Fu.

Chris Hagish:
My "name" is Chris Hagish and much like Kvthai that is not my real name.  With so many Chris Cs running around i figured it would be easier this way, not to mention a much cooler name  8)

I have been going to SDCC for many years now, long enough that I don't remember how long.  I do remember (now sit down cause this will shock you) buying badges in April and getting a discount for "pre-buying" them.  I meet up with Alyssa a few years back when FB still had a discussion area.  At that time we formed up a group and have been helping out friends in getting badges and finding killer swag.  With the loss of the discussion area and our fingers going numb from repetitive typing, Alyssa created the FoCCI forums and I gladly came to join her in her effort to help others and record any info that may get lost.

I personally go to SDCC for many reasons.  It just feels like home when you are there. I love Sci fic and fantasy both in books and film.  I read Max Brooks Zombie Survival guide like its a bible, and yes i have a plan but no i wont tell you what it is!  While i never Cos-play myself i love masquerade.  So if your looking for someone to talk to and a place to sit down on Saturday you will find me in the Masquerade line waiting like a kid on Xmas.


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