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A short 16 months since Alyssa started the FriendsOfCCI forum and we have reached the landmark of 1,000 members!!!!  Technically, we are 1,001 right now so we are well on our way towards 2,000!!!   :o

Thank you to all of the members for joining the site and for contributing on the many, many topics that we discuss here-the site would not be what it is without the inputs of its members. 

And a special note to all of the lurkers out there:  Join in, it’s fun!  There is also a nice feature to becoming a member in that it allows you to see what posts you have not read since you last visit rather than searching the forum at random.

And remember everyone:  1 month to Wondercon and 5 til SDCC so if you have a question or want to discuss something, be sure to post it here!


That's awesome!

I should quit so we can properly celebrate 1000.  :o



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