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You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginIt seems like you've never attended a ticketed signing through Wondercon. Unlike the Arrow signing which is handled by DC, the ticketed signings for Hollywood casts have a no photography and no signing of personal item policy. If you break these rules you will have your badge taken away from you. This is stated multiple times so those that try to be slick and slip a photo in deserve to have their badge taken away from them. CCI doesn't bluff on this and the ones that find out the hard will remember for the next time.

You may think it's not "fan friendly" but those are the rules so either follow the rules or accept the consequences. The Arrow signing was done in an open space at the DC booth on the exhibit floor so that's why there's plenty of photos of Steven and the cast online.

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Yes, you are correct, I have limited experience regarding ticketed signings through WonderCon.  As a So Cal resident this year was my second WonderCon.  Last year I participated in two ticketed signings; one was on the floor for Fringe; the other was a private signing for Once Upon A Time. However, I certainly do not recall that (Once Upon A Time) private signing to be nearly as restrictive as the ones I experienced this year. My only other experience with CCI is Comic-Con and certainly the vast majority of their "Hollywood" cast signings are NOT private signings, occurring either in booths on the floor or in the Sails Pavilion.  (I am aware that they do have private signings at Comic-Con; I've just never attended any of them).  I find it an interesting paradox that CCI would hand their "Hollywood" cast signings at two of their conventions in polar opposite fashion. Perhaps it might have been advantageous to have been told during the actual ticket pull at WonderCon that the signing was going to be a private signing.  My guess is that I was not the only fan who assumed the signing was going to be a "Comic-Con type" of open signing.  Be aware, I am not disputing CCI's ability to have rules for their private signings or that they should or should not enforce them.  My only point is that, in my opinion, their rules for the private signings are excessively restrictive and unnecessary.  Also, FYI, I am no newbie to the convention and/or autographing scene.  2013 will be my 16th Comic-Con and I've been attending conventions, movie premieres,  book signings, and private autograph parties for approximately 35 years so I do believe I have enough experience to be able to determine fan friendly from fan unfriendly.  (In all my years of experience the only other signing that I have attended that was this restrictive was for Sir Paul McCartney). With all that said, I still had a fantastic time at WonderCon.  However, I will also stand by my statement that WonderCon is no Comic-Con.  Live and learn. 

i really think it's a mistake to assume CCI is handling those signings.

It is my understanding that signings at booths are handled by the booth.  CCI can restrict things like where the line forms & the like but has no say in how the details are handled. 

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I just think one person was trying to stir things up here.

Moral of the story is to pay attention to the rules and don't assume anything.

...and if you're gonna get your badge revoked, make sure it was at least worth it. ;)


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