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Forum down for the move 3.30.12

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The Forum will be down for the switch on Friday Morning/early afternoon  We should be back up & running by mid afternoon.

all posts will be saved

there will be a post listing the new features

The forum will be re-organized,  it should be self-explanatory and based more on accepted forum conventions then my first attempt based on the old FaceBook Discussion area.

Yes, it will be very exciting.


How many new Members have joined off the back of yesterday's resell, Alyssa? The more, the merrier.

I decided early on, not to play the numbers game & go for the popular 'vote' 'cuz it tends to be rather fickle. Instead I decided to create this as a resource for information, referencing and logistics.  This was a long way of saying, i don't know-  8)

Hey, any desire for a board only Members can access?  I'm thinking it'd be good for Meet-Ups, strategies and Private wild speculations.

Transmute Jun:
I'm excited to see changes coming to this board!

I'm not sure why we'd need it to be more 'private' than it is now. Does it really matter if a guest comes in and sees when we plan to meet up? I like the idea of a meetup though.

As for wild speculations, I think anyone can make them now... just say that's what you're doing! For example, I will wildly speculate that Seth Green and Bono will do an impromptu concert together in Hall H during the Twilight panel!  ;D


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