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Re: Post con Reactions, Reflections, etc all
« Reply #60 on: August 14, 2022, 04:42:59 PM »
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My only real negative was the Merch line.  It was super slow.  I even said something to the people that checked me out (when I finally got up to the front).  Apparently, it made no difference.
You know, I don't think I've EVER experienced a relatively quick/EZPZ merch line at Comic-Con: especially since they went to the pre-order/pickup model awhile back.  In my experience, if you don't go on Wed. well before the Exhibit Hall opens for Preview Night, you're waiting a long time.  What's even more confounding to me, is even when you order stuff in advance and go to pick-it up you're still looking at a 60 min. wait: shorter than if you didn't pre-order (which wasn't an option this year), but sill FAR longer than it feels like it would take.  I suppose they don't have volunteers run that station, since it deals with cash and whatnot, but that has always felt like a relatively easy fix: just have more merch 'tables' for the booth, and double the staff at least.  But I get that could be challenging.  I wonder how much business they hypothetically lose every year because people just don't want to bother with the long line.  This year I was fortunate with line group buddies who helped me (and many others) out so I was able to get the nifty Rocketeer SDCC 2022 shirt w/out spending hours in line but I suspect there were others who would've bought a shirt or something but just didn't want to wait.

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Re: Post con Reactions, Reflections, etc all
« Reply #61 on: August 14, 2022, 07:38:27 PM »
SDCC 2022 was a bit “off” for me, and I’m not sure if it was a direct result of this being the first big con in the COVID era.

Veterans of SDCC know there’s no way to do/see everything you want, no matter how well you plan. But the way I’ve long since approached SDCC is not to have much a plan. I have very few items in terms of “must do/see”; some of my best experiences have come by way of being in the right place at the right time. That being said, I will still try for some big panels like Marvel.

So you would think my “let’s just see what happens” approach would be perfect for this year, where there were less hot panels and less exhibitors. You’d think there would be more time to just soak in SDCC. And yet… that didn’t happen at all. I usually love just wandering up & down the exhibit hall,  hanging out in artist’s alley or finding unique merchandise to buy. But I didn’t even get to really explore the exhibit floor until Sunday. And I’m not sure how that happened. It wasn’t like I went to many panels (one on Thursday and Hall H on Saturday). I wasn’t visiting off sites. In fact, this was the first year I didn’t even try to go to any off sites. In fact, right now I’m struggling to remember what I even did on Friday.

Usually my camera is packed full of cosplay photos, as I love to spend blocks of time just photographing. But this year, I had maybe ten photos total of cosplayers. I clearly didn’t spend any time using my camera.

This is not to say I didn’t get to do anything. I did get to check out the IMDB Boat finally. And the D&D Tavern was awesome. My one miss was going to the PacMan event as it was already mostly over (I should’ve headed over right after the D&D Tavern).

I think the best part of my SDCC experience this year was checking out new restaurants. I tend to go to the same places every year — Broken Yolk, Tin Fish, Burger Lounge, etc. This year I made it a point to eat at new places, my favorite being Richard Walker’s Pancake House. Also, Basic Pizza was damn good. As were the fish tacos at Margaritas Kitchen & Cantina. And we ended up eating at Cali Cream for dessert nearly every single evening.

The one other aspect that made SDCC weird for me was that we had only one other friend who came out. Usually I have a few group of friends there, and I’d hang out with each group at various times. That didn’t happen this year, and it felt a little more lonely. I’m hoping next year, more of my friends decide to come out.

TLDR: SDCC felt off to me, and it had little to do with the convention itself.

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Re: Post con Reactions, Reflections, etc all
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Re: Post con Reactions, Reflections, etc all
« Reply #62 on: August 20, 2022, 01:01:37 PM »
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I attended the Masquerade for the first time.  It was going to be on my list for 2020.  Enjoyed it, even though one of the performers fell off the stage (ouch).

I only attended the Masquerade once in 2012.  I have attended a couple of other Masquerades' as a photographer.
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Re: Post con Reactions, Reflections, etc all
« Reply #63 on: August 28, 2022, 01:15:01 PM »
I was quite busy in the post-con time catching up on work and other stuff, so I didn't get to write anything up until now. However, I did record an episode on my podcast talking about my full experience and schedule, which is available here for that plus has our House of the Dragon fan panel discussion added at the end
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if anyone has the interest or  patience to listen to that.

For a quickly typed up summary here, overall it was great to be at SDCC in person 3 years after attending SDCC 2019. We picked up our badges and vaccination wristbands on Tuesday which was a good move given how busy it would be the next day . On Wednesday we attended some similar things like last time, particularly the Dragon Ball offsite which was great as usual (though no world record event this time but at least we were permitted to skip the line to get in early before it opened) and the "GOT" related offsite (now House of the Dragon) which was also great as well. Unfortunately, the Dracarys app did not work for me and still does not work properly so I didn't get to raise a dragon at all, let alone with early access at SDCC. We also attended the Upper Deck press event (which was mid afternoon so the first official thing on our schedule) which was fun with appetizers and drinks and a news announcement: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login)

Our Podcasting 101 panel went well on Thursday and was a nice way to start off the main days of the convention, including having Mark Rosewater from Magic TG attend in the audience and ask good questions. One of the shocking differences from past years was the lack of panels that we attended. Other than the 2 panels I was attending as a panelist, we only attended 2 other panels during the whole event: Sponge Bob and a Babylon 5 panel. I usually attended many more panels in the past, but between a lot of time spent in the exhibitor hall and attending offsite events and parties, we just didn't have the time to attend panels of interest or the ones that were of interest overlapped with those specific events.

D&D offsite experience was good as well and we really enjoyed attending Funko Fundays (on Friday) for the first time. That event was certainly a highlight, including meeting the other members of our 10 person table from the forums and the professionalism and planning that went into doing the lineup for that. We were up near the front along with 2 other teams from FOCC, where we all experienced a shocking moment when one of our forum friends who was walking with a cane fell down on the escalator. Thankfully, they were ultimately OK and a show of solidarity was made by other forum members who either helped them get up via the elevator or helped organize things and argue respectfully with staff until our teams were allowed in properly to get our tables and save a seat for our fallen team member(tip is to always ask for someone higher up if the original staff member is not being reasonable). Some people nearly missed getting their prototype and drink tokens (the former far more important than the latter) including us but I think we all did get it in the end and enjoyed a great event together.

My voice felt the impact of yelling the next 2 days however, as it was strained and it hurt to talk. It took a few days to recover from that, but I was able to barely get through my House of the Dragon fan panel  on Saturday before I stopped talking for that day. Sunday night with FOCC was a great way to end the convention and I saved my voice for most of the day to be able to get some talking in that night.

Our hotel (MMM) was great and we enjoyed greatly being closer to the convention this year. We even got to use the pool on Tuesday before we got busy with SDCC. We had a nice view of the Bay and the Dragon Ball site (including the massive line outside it on most days).

The only disappointments from the convention were 1) missing out on signings/seeing GRRM again due to COVID-19 concerns which is totally understandable given the circumstances (and I did get my books signed by him post-convention on via friends), 2) Getting into The Orville press event only having to leave before I interviewed anyone because it was delayed for over 45 minutes and I had my panel to get to and 3) Not getting into the Funko panel at Hall H but that is on me for not getting their earlier, I didn't expect it to be capped like that because of pops being handed out at it (nor did I know about such pops that would be handed out).

Getting all our purchases home was an ordeal. I specifically brought an empty suitcase to be used for purchases but my partner bought more (and larger) than expected including a huge Yugioh figure so we had to spend hours packing in everything. Getting home was tough too, again careful package to get in more than usual as carryon plus relying on early seating via being seated in the emergency exit aisle and a bump up to first class for the second leg of our  trip via a bid to get in without trouble. Getting it all on was no problem in the end but our 2nd flight was delayed resulting in a rebooked flight and late flight home.  Getting home was a huge relief after that and then it was some days before we fully unpacked and recovered from the convention. Whether we'll attend next year I don't know. I always say we need a break but then get interested in attending over the course of the year. But the cost of attending is high and with travel open again we may decide to go somewhere else for a big summer vacation next year, we'll see, but of course we'll keep our options open for next year.
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Re: Post con Reactions, Reflections, etc all
« Reply #64 on: September 04, 2022, 09:49:55 AM »
I usually like to get to San Diego on Tuesday. One year, our flight was delayed and my crew and I missed most of Preview Night. So, Tuesday it is. I'm looking at hotels for Tuesday night and they're already over $250 a night. Hotels were never this expensive the night before SDCC. We usually book the Embassy Suites for one night, but that's not even available.
Right now non-stop flights from the east coast are around 650. I guess the good old days of booking early and getting a deal are gone. But, I'm still going. I can't see myself ever missing SDCC.