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SDCC Parties: Tips, Tricks, & Fun Stories

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What tips, tricks and fun stories do you have about getting into parties at SDCC? What advice can you give others who are hoping to get into some exclusive parties in 2017?

Here's a crazy story that happened to my friend:

I was tired and my feet hurt sooo bad (do not wear NEW shoes to SDCC...yeah I know I was dumb) so I went to bed early one night. My friend who I was rooming with was new to SDCC and was just going to stay with me but I begged her to please just go out and explore because you never know what fun will happen. She agreed and went out, and I went to bed.

The next morning she tells me she got into the invite-only exclusive Walking Dead party. This was 2013 so I think it was in one of those parking lots in the Gaslamp. How the hell did that happen I asked??? Easy. She said that a few people were hanging out by the metal barricades. There was security there keeping an eye on things. When one of the guards was distracted she squeezed through 2 of the barricades and walked in like she was supposed to be there. No one said anything and she had a great time.

Not advocating sneaking into parties. Not saying anything like this will ever happen again. She just went for it!

Anyone else have any fun stories like that?

So jealous your friend getting in to the Walking Dead party.

We didn't get to go to a private Industry party but one year my girlfriend, sister and I were walking around the Gaslamp.  I was looking for a Tattoo parlor that was featuring Star Wars tattoo art.  We found the parlor but what I didn't realize is it was a private party, invite only and obviously we didn't have an invite.  They even had a velvet rope in front of the door.  We knocked anyway and asked if we could come in.  The guy looked at all of us and said, sorry this is private.  Then he noticed my girlfriend's leg, she has an awesome tattoo covering almost her entire lower right leg. He took a closer look at her tattoo and then said come on in!  We felt really awkward because obviously everyone knew each other.  They had homemade food and lots of beer.  We had a great time and if anyone questioned us I just pointed at my girlfriend's leg.
That was one of those "ya never know" Gaslamp things!!

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Did anyone hit the Geek n Sundry party? We really wanted to go but it was at capacity (it seemed like) the entire night.

How early were people lining up?

My biggest tip is to join Twitter if you haven't already, and subscribe to media outlets that you know attend SDCC. TV Networks (FX, Fox, CW, Cartoon Network, etc), gaming companies (EA, Treyarch, etc.), studios (Sony, Fox, WB, etc.), pop culture media (IMDB, EW, Screenjunkies, etc.). Do your research, look up who has had exclusive parties in the past and keep up to date with their SDCC news from Spring to the beginning of July. Besides my personal connections this is how I get to attend a lot of exclusive parties with that good ole' open bar. Twitter is key.

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I have a love hate relationship with Twitter. I know it is super useful but i get so overwhelmed by the amount of posts during comic con.


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