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You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginHi peeps. Because the owners haven't officially announced anything, what I can say is that they haven't retired. They won't have a booth this year and they won't be selling SDCC merchandise, as many have noticed they haven't been since the pandemic.

What you will see is they still have their gallery edition books available.

The good news is, you can still find their shirts at the con. If you look high enough, you'll find them.

And for those sad you won't see me, don't dispair, I'll be at the Comic-Con museum booth Thursday-Friday-Saturday until 1pm.

And the program cover is RAD!

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thanks for the update and info

That's too bad, I brought home something every year from that booth. Will miss them for sure!

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Michael M:
I wonder what they say they'll pull from "their vault"...there's a couple big books I missed out on, and it'd be great to see them pull out even special-er editions.


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