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Anyone know anything about this company? They get push hard by the Unofficial Comic Con Blog(on their front page ribbon)and also they are  able to join the official Comic Con portal. But all their exclusives I see are old Funkos that were previously sold in other retailer at a mark up. So I don’t understand why are they are treated like an official exclusives company when they seem to be just resellers?

It's the same thing they have done for years....
Take exclusives from other places (mainly asia but sometimes walgreens) and then sell at a "special" price at SDCC.
You will notice their Pops dont have SDCC stickers on them.  But some of their other releases that are actual exclusives will.

I'm not really knowledgeable with how toy retail/distribution works.

According to their website in About Us

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--- Quote ---UCC Distributing Inc. is a California Toy Company that started in 1991 as a baseball card distributor. Since then UCC has grown to be a well known toy supplier in the toy world. UCC specializes in bringing our customers the hottest trends and licenses on the market place. We try to stay ahead of the curve so we can present the hottest and most popular licenses before anyone else does. We've had a great track record in doing this with licenses like Minecraft, Super Mario Brothers, Shopkins and so many more.
We are proud of what we do and our customers matter to us; that is why we do our very best to bring them the best products at a great price. We will continue to work on getting the best products for our customers and making sure we take care of them as best as we can. That is what makes our company different, we are a caring loyal company who strives for the best.
We would like to thank all of our existing customers for supporting us through the years and we look forward to meeting new customers and friends in the years to come. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.
--- End quote ---

So...I guess they enter into agreements with brands and shows and then links up with manufacturers to produce products for said brands and shows. Then...distributes to retail/websites? I guess? Again, not really sure how the world of retail toys works, just spitballing here.

Evidently, google says they are located in Carlsbad (north of San Diego).

Funny enough, looking back at 2019, SDCCUB posted a bunch of stuff for UCC all the time and commenters were wondering why they were promoting them a bunch. Some thought it was because they were an advertiser or sponsor on the blog. So maybe that's why?

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I'm not super knowledgeable about their company however I love that I can typically just walk up to their booth and get whatever item I've wanted, they always seem to be well stocked on "exclusives"!

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Most of their stuff they sell is the same at every convention they sell at, these are not SDCC exclusives , but they call them convention exclusives but not specific to any one convention.


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