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I know with me being a brand spanking new member and this being my first post, this could seem suspect but I promise, I am just a fellow geek trying to save a buck.

Also, this is not a condo, it is a private guesthome with private entry.

Due to some miscommunications, I have ended up with an extra rental. The one available for rent is a studio/guesthome with private entry and kitchenette in El Cajon about 15-20 mins away from the con available from Thurs-Sun with a free night Weds with late arrival (after 9pm) for 150/night totaling $450 for the weekend.

I have already put down a 100$ deposit through paypal, and a better option has come up for me and I must find someone to take this studio off my hands. This is a GREAT DEAL for those comic con veterans. I can only get my deposit back if someone rents from Thurs-Sun with late arrival Weds night free.

PLEASE contact me for more information and photos!

Friends of Comic Cons:
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