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When do they normally announce the programme's and panels?

I can't quite remember how it was last year, even though I was only looking at the programme rather than attending

Transmute Jun:
In the past 2 years they have been releasing the programming schedule 2 weeks before the Con. Preview Night and Thursday are released 2 Thursdays before the Con, Friday is released 2 Fridays before the Con, etc.

However, sometimes occasional panels' days and times are 'leaked' a little in advance of that (within the month before SDCC) by the studios who have booked those times.

Looking at previous years will give you an idea of when returning shows will generally be scheduled.

Based on the last couple of years it seems like you start to hear from some of the studios or networks a little after Memorial Day.  This site will be one of the best to come to for information.  The forumites here are really good about posting info.

We've got a wonderful moderator, lawnboysam returning again this year.  She collected all the tweets & individual announcements in one or two spots on the forum.   It wasn't everyone who attended but it did give us a good idea.

Look for her posts .... they'll prob. start in a couple of months


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