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For those who have been before how is the badge pick up on Wed?

I am flying in and the cheaper flight in puts me on the ground at 6pm. Not ideal but it is 150$ cheaper than flying in at 1pm. I figure i may not be able to get over to badge pick up before 7pm.......

I've been to some other cons that badge pick up was quite a nightmare. Do they move folks through pretty quickly? If you are in line will they give out badges until they are done or at 8:30 will they turn people away?

Thank you for any advice or information.

Transmute Jun:
I have never done it at the Town & Country, but I hear it can be quite hectic.

At the convention center it goes very fast, so if you're coming down for Preview Night you should have no problem.

You may want to check and confirm how long the badge pickup is open.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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I've always picked up my badges at the convention center and have had no problems ever.  Always moves fast.

If you are picking up your badge at the convention center, be prepared for another typical long line first thing in the morning.  I got there an hour before it opened and was about 200 people back.  The GREAT news is once the line starts moving it ZOOMS along.  They really have their act together and once I got upstairs it took me all of 3 minutes to get my badge and into the con.  Looking for more of the same luck this year.

Thank you all.
I noticed they stay open 8:30 so i'm hoping that will be enough.

Unfortunately we did not get preview night passes :( , but we got passes so im happy with that.


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