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Can someone explain how to participate in the masquerade?

Transmute Jun:
The information for 2013 isn't up yet. However you can get a good idea by looking at the WonderCon masquerade FAQ.

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Thanks that was helpful. I wonder how many contestants they normally accept.

2 years ago, to get a Press ribbon to take photos of the Masquerade contestants at the prefessional lit stage just outside ballroom 20, you needed to go to Masquerade desk near Ballroom 20 and its bathrooms.

Last year, they moved the lit stage to inside another large room, but they didn't have a Masquerade desk that passed out the press photo ribbons on Thursday/Friday, and I heard people had to go to an online link to get the ribbons.  So, does anyone know how to get the press photography ribbons for this year?

Chris Hagish:
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I will get you some info on the ribbion in a little


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