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badge Resale lottery! 2013

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Anyone else getting a 404 not found??

merging two threads <grin>

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Transmute Jun:
Better that situation than that we're all clueless! ;)

Given the rush that is likely to accompany the resale, the drawing seems to be a fair way to distribute badge sales. But the unfortunately thing is that now people who have 4 day badges can't help others. I had promised 3 other people I would help them get badges during the resale, but now I'm not eligible to apply for the drawing.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginAnyone else getting a 404 not found??

--- End quote ---

Yea, I am too :/

You folks are too fast!

What a change-up!  Going with a lottery!  So I guess that if someone already has a Sat badge or a 4 day badge, they cannot enter to win for others.  So much for pooling efforts.


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