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Conflicts for Thursday?

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Without disecting the list, i'm not seeing a huge conflict 

In other words- there's no question where my son will be for the Halo, Blizzard & Batman Arkham panels....

Yeah, I'm not really seeing much conflict for my son or myself.  I'm sure the Nerd HQ panels will add a little bit to the mix, but am pretty sure where I'll be.

did you guys see 6A
WD and James Spader's new project in 6A

Chris Hagish:
I have one for Thursday in a way.  There is a panel i want to go to and an off site event that both start at the same time.  OH the discussions to make and its only day one

The B20 Sherlock (2:15) and sitting at the front half of the Hannibal Panel (6:45) are my Thurs. priorities.
Concerned for Hannibal given 6A’s size and  preceded by a Hobbit related, Kirkman, pilot screening etc.
      Any suggestions for when to line up for both?
I was hoping to squeeze in a meal/convention floor between the two. Appreciate any guesses and guidance.


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