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Given the amount of interest for Ballroom 20 panels every day of the con, there are sure to be people camping or at least lining up near dawn.  From what I have read, to get into Ballroom 20 line, you have to line up and then go to the left of sails, around the Ballroom and then usually out the door.

My question is: before they open up the main doors to let people in, where will the BR20 line be?  Does it start at Entrance A or would it be safe to assume people go directly behind the con and just line up there since only a few can actually fit in the convention center before the line bleeds out into the tents outside?

Thanks everyone!!

There will only be two lines.

There's the Hall H line which is obvious.

Then there's a 2nd line. That's the line for everything else. It's right out front the convention center.

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See, according to Crazy4ComicCon's blog, the guy notes that the camping line starts at Hall A. 

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I'm a little confused about this myself, but I should be able to get a gauge of things on Preview Night (I assume there will be a few die hard X-Files fans) as well as checking in on them Thursday morning to double check on where they started lining up.  In the past, as I understood, there was Hall H line and then the "Everything Else" Line.  Wonder if they decided to start a separate BR20 line now.

Those tents for BR20 are AFTER you're let into the convention center. Everyone lines up outside in the "general" line. Then you're allowed in and if you want BR20 you go upstairs near sails and get into that line.

Jumping Jehosaphat:
When I went to Ballroom 20 on Saturday last year, the line was out back. It was very obvious where the line started outside with tents and chains for the queue. I am not sure if that is where the camping starts though, as I got there well after the line had started. I think I got there at about 9am and was way down by the harbour. I was in Ballroom 20 by 12pm though and by the time True Blood rolled around, I was up front from people leaving in between panels.

While the line looked long, it actually moved pretty fast. Much more so than Hall H, imo.


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