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I did mostly smaller panels this year. I'd say the biggest ones I did were the back to back Being Human/Warehouse 13 panels in the Indigo Ballroom. And while the ballroom was busy, there was still a lot of seats in the back rows. I happened to stumble in just as the last panel before Being Human was letting out and some people were heading out, so I was able to snag a pretty awesome seat that someone left up front about 5 rows back from the stage. I also did Bates Motel in 6A Saturday morning.

The rest was all made up of the smaller panels though. I found myself almost never waiting in long lines, and the panels seemed a little more personal and energetic because the audience was smaller and more involved. And some of them had me almost in tears laughing because the panelists were soooo funny and entertaining. It made this years con for me so much more enjoyable then last year.

I just shot off an email to CCI!

I just heard back from CCI and they would like to know specifics as to which of these panels people attended and liked.  I don’t know if they need room locations and times, but I gave them the titles of the ones that I attended. 

So be sure to include at least the panel titles in your emails to them.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginBen 10 before Neil was a bad schedule IMO.  Neil deserved a bigger room and should have been away from Cosmos.

--- End quote ---

God so true!  There were ppl standing along the back wall because of lack of seats.  I was honestly surprised they didn't kick them out for fear of the Fire Marshall.

Following is the response I received from CCI.

Thank you for taking the time to email us. We appreciate your feedback and are glad you had a good time at the How To panels.
Assistant to the Director of Programming
Comic-Con International San Diego


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