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NECA announced on Twitter that they will have 5 SDCC exclusives. So far they have just said that the 2012 SDCC exclusives Predator item is a “Cloaked City Hunter” figure and there will be an Ash figure, Also, something about a two-pack was mentioned but i'm not clear on which property this is for. no Images yet.

Cool! I loved their Gizmo figure last year. Keep us posted!

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Transmute Jun:
I loved the Gizmo figure too! And I loved that I could just walk up and buy it, no lines or crowds!

An Ash figure???? I'm in!!!!!

Yeah I picked up 2 Gizmos last year.  I went from waiting in the Hasbro line to a 20 second transaction at the NECA booth.

Transmute Jun:
Yes, I thanked them profusely for actually having enough stock that they could meet demand without all of those horrendous lines!


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