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Funko announces it's SDCC limited edition exclusives ... With a twist.

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Last night, on their forum, the owner of Funko announced hints of each of the 38 limited edition items that will be available at their booth this year..across their three major lines (Pop! Figures, Wacky Wobblers, and Blox vinyl figures...)

Items will include figures from Disney/Pixar, Marvel, DC, major television and movie properties (Star Wars, Big Bang Theory, Hangover, Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, and more), Ugly Doll characters, and more.

For more information and speculation on what the hints could mean check the link below:
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Real Canadian superDAVE:
It's interesting that so many companies are being sneaky with the reveal of their convention exclusives. And they're doing it with the big event not that many weeks away.

Oh well, I guess it makes it more exciting when they finally show what they're going to bring.

In this company's mode of operation, they try to make it fun for the collectors.  Helps to build up the excitement pre-con! 

They also offer a really nice deal if you are attending the Con and their special gathering one night of the con.  You can pre-buy 1 of every exclusive for less than the total overall cost, along with free shipping and a special bonus item only available to pre buyers.  No lugging exclusives around, shipping them home etc, AND you get a discount too.

Transmute Jun:
That sounds cool, Cliff, how would someone sign up for that?

Sheldon figures? Neat!!!!!!

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginThat sounds cool, Cliff, how would someone sign up for that?

Sheldon figures? Neat!!!!!!

--- End quote ---

The Funko Fundays event is held on Friday night, 7/13/2012 at the  Holiday Inn by the bay (across from the Star of India)...  Price, which includes rare exclusives, dinner, and at least one drink (alcoholic or not... Your choice) is $60.  You can register for this event by sending PayPal to [email protected] (Brian Marriotti is the owner of Funko) or you can call them at 425-783-3616

Once you are registered for the Fundays event you can then purchase the pre buy package.  The pre buy consists of 1 each of the 38 items for this year, plus whatever the bonus piece is...  Total cost at the booth would be $794... But pre buy is only 700... Free shipping included!  Same contact info for the pre buy as the Fundays...

The Fundays event will astound you as to how generous this company is to its fans.  Tons of rare items given away, prototypes, one of a kind items etc...  All given away.  No one leaves empty handed!


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