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Lego Exclusives in 2012?

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they will be giving away four LEGO Super Heroes minifigures: Marvel Venom, Marvel Phoenix, DC Shazam and DC Bizarro. There are 1,000 of each minifigure to be given away (4,000 total). Those who win one of the exclusive minifigures will also get the chance to also win additional prizes if they receive a specially marked minifigure. These prizes include a rendering of LEGO designs, LEGO Mini-Models (Hulk and Batman), LEGO Batcaves (signed by DC writer Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee) and signed comics and graphic novels.
But no paid exclusive yet.


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Venom, Shaman, Phoenix, Bizarro

Not sure about exclusives, but i'll be looking for - Batman2, Lord of the Rings & CityUndercover
I love the LEGO game series, already done with Star Wars, Indiana Jones & Harry Potter

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Lego line was super long, I skipped it


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