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Lego Exclusives in 2012?

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They sometimes reveal a theme (like star wars or indiana jones) but they wont reveal the actual item until preview night. Even then, they sometimes only show the box and not the actual model

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last year there was no news on any of the toy sites that reveal sdcc exclusives about what the lego exclusive was going too be. I found out the day of preview night what the exclusive would be when I came across the head of the lego booth and asked him.

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In 2010 they had the cube dudes which were about $70, and I clearly remember that being announced pretty early on, about 3-4 weeks before the convention.

I didn't know about the cube dudes until I got to the lego booth on preview night and I ALWAYS search the net for lego sdcc exclusive news annually.

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Does Lego give out any freebies at Comic Con?


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