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Gentle Giant?


Hey everybody . . . first post, though my 6th or 7th con.

I'm working the con for a friend's booth, so I can't always make the lines for exclusives . . . I'm curious as to how hard a Gentle Giant Thanos exclusive bust might be. He's my son's favorite villain, and I'd love to bring it home. It looks like it's 70$ at the SDCC, but around $130+ online. Is this something that would be available at their booth, or at a dealer's booth later on, or am I just better off buying it later?



Theres already a thread for gentle giant on here. Post on there. Also if you've been to multiple cons then you should have an idea already.

Thanks. Found the thread, and will check it out. As for knowledge of how exclusives at cons work, I don't really know. While I go, I go as an employee, and haven't bought much of that sort.

As I said, I'll check out the previous thread. Thanks for your help.


Here is the thread for the Gentle Giant stuff.

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