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Official Exclusives List Posted!

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They finally posted it!
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free agent:
Yeah! It's super short so hopefully they'll update it. Nice to see some prices on some of the stuff though. I wonder if the BOOM Marceline comic will differ from the Diamond version.

Noooo where's my peanuts lanyard?!

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Real Canadian superDAVE:
You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginNoooo where's my peanuts lanyard?!

--- End quote ---

At least there is a Peanuts booth on the Exhibit Hall floor, so there's still hope for you getting one for 2012.  :D

Bert Su:
The SDCC exclusive Gundam is a Real Grade Strike Rogue? I think it would've been better if they used the clear and shiny Unicron Gundam Banshee like they did at Anime Expo last weekend.


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