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2013 attendee badge buy in Aug & 12/13 year olds

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In case any parents of 12 year old's missed this on the facebook page on July 6th 2013

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Lisa McDowellComic-Con International
Thursday at 8:04pm near San Diego, CA ·
Just a heads up for all those who have kids using a child badge this year and turning into a Junior badge next year! ~They will NOT be eligible for the August badge-holder sale!!! You will have to Wait to purchase their passes!!! ~Wish I had known...I would have just purchased my kid a junior badge instead! Now I must roll the dice! :/
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Amber Jensen Good luck there for 2013, Lisa!!
Thursday at 8:06pm · Like · 1

Lisa McDowell No kidding right!
Thursday at 8:07pm · Like

Carlo Duya Well at least junior badges are the last to go.
Thursday at 8:20pm · Like · 1

Lisa McDowell I guess they are! Must think positive on that! Thanks! :)
Thursday at 8:24pm · Like

Alyssa Franks Lisa, did you email cci & was that their response?
Thursday at 8:58pm · Like

Lisa McDowell ‎@Alyssa...Yes! ~ Their exact response was... "Since your daughter did not purchase either a one day or four day badge to this year's Comic-Con she will not be eligible to purchase a badge during the preregistration for Comic-Con 2013 in August. She will have to purchase a badge at one of the later badge sales for Comic-Con 2013."
Thursday at 11:05pm · Like

Lisa McDowell ‎@Alyssa...I just e-mailed cci for a confirmation of this answer. Will let you know when they respond.
Thursday at 11:19pm · Like
David Ramirez I just got the same email stating Hello,

Please bear with us as we try to resolve this issue. We will be it touch with you after the show.

Thank you,

San Diego Comic Convention Customer Service Department
Thursday at 11:22pm · Like

Lisa McDowell Yup! That was indeed the 2nd response I got! Maybe they're not sure what they're going to do about this.
Yesterday at 12:51am · Like

Alyssa Franks my gut feeling is that if they can figure out a way, they will. they are all about families
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Transmute Jun:
Alyssa, thank you so much for posting this information. It will really help me out next year. I'm sorry there's not anything you can do now for this year for your son.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Just got this back from CCI I really do not know what to think.  :o I would like to argue my point with them and to let them know that its more than "some" juniors but i dont really want to piss any one off that may review these issues.
Hello David,

Thank you for your email inquiry. We are aware that there are some children who went to the 2012 show for free who are now juniors (age 13 - 17) who need to purchase a badge for Comic-Con 2013. At this time, these children do not qualify for the Comic-Con 2013 badge preregistration sale. However, if you are able to obtain badges for yourself or other family members during the upcoming badge sale, please contact us after 2013 preregistration is complete and we will review your situation.

Thank you,


Attendee Registration Department
San Diego Comic Convention

Interesting response. Sounds like they'd review on case by case basis.

Easy way to resolve this in the future is charge for children's badge so that there is a record of it. If the kids are taking up room in line and being allowed to purchase exclusives then they should be paying customers. 

Or require 12 year olds to have a member id.  That way CCI would have a record of which kiddos are eligible for the pre-reg sale. (for the record, i don't object to charging for a kiddo badge)

i honestly think cci didn't think of this situation when they set up the current system and suspect this kink will get worked out for the following year.

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginJust got this back from CCI I really do not know what to think.  :o I would like to argue my point with them and to let them know that its more than "some" juniors but i dont really want to piss any one off that may review these issues.

--- End quote ---

David, do not argue the point with them!  they have said, if you get a badge during pre-reg, they will 'review your situation'.  don't mess with that! Keep that email in a safe spot.  I know the temptation is to want a resolution now, but trust that it will work out.

I actually take this as a very positive turn of events,  CCI has acknowledged there is a problem and wants to keep a conversation going once the parent gets a badge.


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