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I have two hotel rooms available actually (I was too over anxious and booked only to realize that a friend offered me to stay with her on Sunday! I was trying to cover all of my bases)

1.) Hotel Circle along the 24 hour shuttle route. Wed-Sunday a total of $785.65. The room is designed to fit TWO people. But you guys can work it out

2.) (This was when I thought I could be closer) Hotel Indigo. The check in in actually Tuesday through Sunday at the total of $2538.24. It is a gorgeous hotel and pet friendly! It has a great rooftop bar and pool, and also free Wifi. It's in the Gas Lamp district and a 5 minute brisk walk or 10 min slow walk. Parking is $39 per day. Feel free to share with others!

Here is their website. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

Please email me!

Name: Ally

Dates: July 19 - 21

Hotel: 4 blocks away

Rate: $342 USD

Description: Double Bed

Looking to see if there is anyone out there still looking for a hotel.  I know this is very last minute, but recently I am having some financial issues to figure I can give room sharing a shot.   Please message me if you are interested!  Thanks.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Name: Marc
Age: 23
Sex: male
Day: Friday night, leave Saturday morning

Looking for just a one night stay near the convention center willing to pay up to $100 for the one night, I won't be arriving till late Friday evening and just need a place to stay overnight. Will sleep I'm floor or even a chair. The latest I will arrive is 8pm depending on what time I am off. Pm if you have any questions or have space, thanks.

I have a room available at the Holiday Inn Bayside (along the 24 hour shuttle route)

It is $785 the entire 5 day stay (Starting today Wed until Sunday)

Please click on my user name and then my email is one there! Feel free to email me ASAP! and don't forget to tell friends!


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