Author Topic: 2013 Room Sharing: Looking for a spot? Offering a spot? Looking for a Roommate?  (Read 38334 times)

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Name: Michael
Hotel: Need a place to stay; I'll take whatever! :D

Days Booked: Looking to stay Wed-Mon (7/17-7/22)
Price: $100/Night would be around my max...
Smoking/Drinking: Neither, but don't care if you do

I am basically just looking for a place to shower/store my stuff, maybe crash for like a few hours at a time... I anticipate camping out most nights. This'll be my first SDCC. Super excited! Hopefully someone can help me out :) I'm 24, and I'm a very laid back, chill guy. Hit me up msouthwickii at

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Name: Len (26)
Hotel: Don't have one yet, looking for share

Days Booked: I would like  July 16/17-July 22
Smoking/Drinking: No / Sometimes, but Con days are soo exhausting, that I think rather sleep than party
Preferences and Description: I´m looking for 1 space, preferably on the nearest hotel to the convention center / split cost
Do you have an age or gender preference for roommates? Not really
Include a brief description about yourself: I am traveling from Mexico arriving the 17, I am easy going & quiet, I don´t plan to spend a lot of time in the room,  just want a place to sleep and storage my things, this is my second year at SDCC. Hoping to have lots of fun.
Specific behavioral preferences for roommates?  friendly people, easy going I think
Feel free to add me on Facebook  to chat about it… :)
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Name: Katrina (27)
Hotel: Don't have one yet and desperately need one

Days Booked:
Hoping for July 16/17-July 21 (Will leave in the afternoon of July 21. Arrival date depends on offers/availability)
Smoking/Drinking: No / Yes but probably wont
Preferences and Description: Hoping to share a room with others, preferably downtown. I'm willing to split the cost, up to $200/night. Will most likely just use the space to store my luggage, shower and crash for a few hours before camping out in Hall H on occasional nights.
Do you have an age or gender preference for roommates? Nope for both.
Include a brief description about yourself: I'm a High School teacher from Sydney (Australia) who's into Technology, anime, games, TV shows.  This year will be my second Comic Con. Probably wont be cosplaying so I wont take up too much space in the room.
Specific behavioral preferences for roommates?  Friendly, clean, easy going

Send me a message here if you're willing to take me in.

I've got some accomodation now. Thanks for the offers!
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Hi! My two roommates and I are tentatively looking for a couple of ladies to split the cost of a condo. I say tentatively as we aren't sure if we have more friends joining us. Nevertheless, if you're interested, drop me a message and we can chat!


Name: Bern (25)
Hotel: Condo: 6 blocks to the convention centre (~10 min walk), WiFi, kitchen, washer/dryer
Days Booked: 16 - 23 July
Price: US$100/night or less
Smoking/Drinking: No / Within reason
Disclaimer: There is only couch/floor space available; no beds. There are two bathrooms in the apartment.
Gender/Age Preference: Female only, any age.
Include a brief description about yourself: My existing roommates and I are 20-something-year-olds from Singapore with various occupations. We're friendly! Two of us have never been to the US before, so we're sightseeing a little too. Similar fandoms are a plus! :D

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Hello  Everyone I have a reservation at Laquinta Mission Valley the room has 2 Queen beds and I have one potential . So Im looking for 1- 2  roomies. The hotel is non-Smoking and is on the shuttle site.

If one person: 600.00 for weds 17th- Monday 22nd
If you don't mind sharing the second queen it would be 300.00

You can contact me at [email protected]

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Couldn't get badges, selling the room! Transfer must be done by March 11th :)

Name: knittenkittens
Hotel: Crowne Plaza San Diego (on the shuttle route!)

Days Booked: 4 nights. Check in 7/17, Check Out 7/21. I believe the dates can still be changed as well.
Price: $761.14, after fees and taxes for all 4 nights. (I may be willing to negotiate a bit!)
Smoking/Drinking: It's currently a non-smoking room, but that should still be able to be changed as well.
Spaces Left: 4

Let me know asap :)
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I have a 2 bed double room at San Diego Marriott mission valley hotel on shuttle route for $600 or best offer! I don't need the room it is all your's for 6 days 7/16-22 for $600 or best offer! Message me if you are interested. It would be shame I let a good room go to waste. 

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Name: coletteingrid

Hotel: San Diego Marriott Mission Valley.  (was on Purple shuttle route last year and is steps away from the is the Rio Vista trolley stop)

Days Booked: 6! Tuesday 7/16 — Monday 7/22 (check in 4pm; check out 11am)

Price: $180/night plus tax = $203/per night.  For 2 people, $101.50 per night, for 4 people $50.80 per night.  Final Total =  $1217.76 for six nights.

Hotel is non smoking, but the room has a balcony, so...  & drinking is not up to me.

Spaces Left:
I don’t actually need the room.  I have a space in another hotel, but I got this room as a safety net during the hotel pre-sale (which is why the rate is only $180/night and not $195).  Since I already paid, I merely want to be reimbursed, but I could be flexible on the price if you don't need the room all 6 days.

Preferences and Description:
What type of room is it, and how many people can it fit? 

Double w/ 2 queen sized beds for 4 people. 325 sqft/29 sqm. Air-conditioned. Room has a balcony, total size 15sqft/1sqm and a living/sitting area.

Do you have an age or gender preference for roommates?

No.  Since I am giving up the room, I don’t have the right to dictate.  But whomever takes the room first will have free reign to select roomies.

Include a brief description about yourself:

Not that you will have to room with me, but I am a public high school English teacher living and working in NYC.  Last semester I gifted my 10 most motivated and most improved students copies of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One with music playlists.

Specific behavioral preferences for roommates?

Again, see above.

We can discuss PayPal options and we can set up the name transfer any time.  As I said the room is there, and having any room, even in Mission Valley beats camping out in Hall H or sleeping in a parking garage. Unless that’s your thing, then . . .. Email me.

This room has been taken. Thanks all!

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Name: Lena Cast
Hotel:No Hotel, it is a house actually. 5 bedroom house with a beautiful view. one bedroom available only for 4 people. Off the 805 Freeway, Exit Olympic Parkway. In the beautiful city of Chula Vista.

Days Booked: Saturday and Sunday
Price: 100 per person
Smoking/Drinking: no/and no
Spaces Left: 1 bedroom
Preferences and Description: Hoping to find responsible and friendly people early on so we can build a relationship. I am bringing you into my home and expect you to be courteous and clean.
What type of room is it, and how many people can it fit? It is a 2 story house about 20 minutes from the convention. We are attending the con for the weekend (sat and sun) and you can come with us if you help us pay for parking. We will be renting one bedroom upstairs. It has its own entrance from the bedroom  where you can leave without using the front door. It is located in the nice area of Chula Vista (off 805 Olympic pkwy). We dont have towels for bathing unfortunately (BYO Towel). The bedroom will have a queen size bed and you can probably fit a total of 4 people in the bedroom.
IMPORTANT: Since there will be no deposit, we will be asking for photo IDs of everyone staying. I hate to assume the worst of people, but for our safety and the safety of our property we will need that information. You will sign a rental agreement valid for 2 days. My sister is a owner of multiple properties, so feel at ease, she deals with personal information in a daily basis.
Do you have an age or gender preference for roommates? not at all. Anyone and any gender (and of course any orientation. This shouldn't even be mentioned but some people are idiots when it comes to the LGBT community) are welcome <3
Include a brief description about yourself: Me? Well, I am 25. I will be cosplaying (if you are cosplaying Dragon Age that would be epic!) My sister owns the house. We are very easy to get along with. We are very friendly and quiet people. We enjoy good company and enjoy making new friends. We would like to have people who will not cause any trouble.
Specific behavioral preferences for roommates? no smokers inside. Obviously we cannot control what you do outside, but none of that inside the property, please. We dont like drunks, so that type of behaviour is out of the question. Just be friendly and courteous and you will receive the same from us.

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Name: Joe
Hotel: Omni Hotel

Days Booked: Wed-Sunday
Price: 133 a night for two people, 89 if you're alone
Smoking/Drinking: No smoking but they do have a bar
Spaces Left: Two spaces available

Preferences and Description:
The room has two beds and a shower and is located across the street from the convention center by Petco Park. I'm sharing a room with a friend and we'd like to bring our cost down by bringing in roomates. We're not too picky, just asking that you be cool and we should get along great.

Include a brief description about yourself: This is my 4th year at Comic Con and the 5th for my buddy Steve. We like to hit up the after parties and try to get as much free swag as possible. Oh! And we love trying new restaurants. Aside from that, I like watching movies and listening to music and feel the best part of the convention happens after the doors close and the city transforms. Although the con is pretty sweet too. Hope to hear from you!   :D
Room's been filled. Thanks.  ^-^
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Name: Sara
Hotel: Hilton San Diego Bayfront
Days Booked: July 16- July 22
Price: message me if interested to discuss pricing
Smoking/Drinking: No smoking in room, but room is open to smokers.  Drinking is okay
Spaces Left: looking for one roommate.  Room has four people currently, looking for fifth roommate
Preferences and Description: 2 queen beds and floor space (Hilton does not allow rollaway bed).  Female roommate preferred.

ETA: This spot is no longer available.
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Name:  Freight
Hotel:  Hilton Harbor Island
Shuttle Access:  Yes
Dates:  Wednesday, July 17 to Monday, July 23
Room Type:  Dual Beds
Room Share:  $275
Spots available:  5

This is my first time to Comic Con in a long time, but I managed to get one of the later rooms in the re-release.

I don't have a per-night rate.  What you see above is for the entire stay from Wednesday to Monday.  I'll be checking in later on Wednesday due to my work schedule.

I'm going to be 36 years old, I'm a podcaster, convention reporter, and have 21 years worth of conventions in my history.  I'm up for conversations and/or meals and socializing.

You can reach me at [email protected] or PM me on this board.
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Seeking a room for 2 adults - one female, one male.

Dates Wanted: Tuesday, July 16 - Monday, July 22

Will share a room, condo, or take over your hotel reservations.

Please contact me via email ([email protected])

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Found a Hostel. Hopefully it's not as bad as they say...

I can still use some company at the con though!

You can PM me here, but the most reliable way to contact me is to friend and message me on FB. You can also learn a little bit more about me is through my FB page.

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3-21-13 Looking optimistically for someone to take me in. :)
3-25-13 Found a Hostel, working on my costume ^_^
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Just a reminder to everyone that is looking for a room that you can also take the initiative and reach out to others who have rooms or are looking for rooms to see if you can share and split costs. had me at hello...

New to the forum? Look here!
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