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2013 Parking Pass Thread --Any & All Info goes here---

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Parking will go on sale Friday April 19th at 9AM PST

Please check the time conversion charts for any questions regarding what time it will be in your time zone

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Saw this on Ace twitter page @AceParking: @_d__train Are you referring to Comic-Con? If so, we are just waiting on word from the Comic-Con folks but it should be in mid April!

Friends of Comic Cons:
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My contact at Ace Parking (Convention Center) also confirmed mid to late April.

Transmute Jun:
April timing would be consistent with prior years.

Andrew Costa Mesa:
Since I only have Thursday and Sunday badges, I'm thinking of forgoing the hotel and just making day trips to San Diego on the days I have badges.  I may try to book parking instead.  It's just as well, I'm still paying off my credit card for last year's hotel stay.  I expect to get it paid off by the end of May.  I would rather not be making payments to my credit card into next year.  It just means I have to get up super early on the days I have badges.  At least I can pick up my Thursday badge the day before.


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