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I was just informed by our hotel (Marriott Gaslamp) that we have to have our car out no later than 2 p.m. Sunday--which is a bit of a problem if we're getting up early early early for the Hall H line and will be in panels. I made the dangerous assumption that since we were paying so much to park there each day, they'd be OK with us keeping our car there for the day if we paid extra, but according to the valet that's not allowable though they get that request a lot.

So now we're in the position of having to secure a parking place just a few hours from now, with everything booked. Obviously this poses a pretty big logistical problem with us being able to attend the panels we'd been planning to go to. Driving way the heck up to Qualcom stadium or something and waiting for the trollies service to start completely defeats the purpose of having a hotel a block away from the convention center and puts us at a severe disadvantage in terms of line position.

Any advice? This can't be the first time people have encountered this.


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