Author Topic: Heros and Villains San Jose 2018 and 2019- Not appearing on the official site  (Read 650 times)

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Has anyone heard or read anything about Heroes and Villains San Jose being canceled or moved for 2019? Normally the parent site lists all the cons for each year and leaves up the details from last year's con until info starts coming out for the new one. But it looks like the San Jose leg has been completely removed. Anyone know anything on this?
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Last year it was really small, and they combined it with Walker Stalker. I'm guessing that they didn't sell that many tickets. I wouldn't be surprised if it was canceled altogether.

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It seemed a good size and my in-laws made good money as vendors. I would be surprised if didn't return.

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Yeah I'd be surprised if it didn't return. I didn't think the previous year was that poorly attended?  Also, Stephen Amell, co-owner of the HVFF convention, has said in his previous panels that they consider San Jose to be their 'home base' since I think the first HVFF was held in SJ and that they would always love to bring HVFF back every year if they can. My guess is that since the Portland HVFF is going to be late November this year, they won't be able to hold one in December for SJ like they did in the past 2 years so they'll possibly push the SJ date to early 2020 instead.