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Best Hotel Deals for SDCC 2012??

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Anyone know of the best prices you've encountered for hotels near the convention center? I would really like to score one nearby with a shuttle to the center. The best price I could find was at Days Inn Sea World-Airport. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

I was hoping to find something in the range of $160-180 a night.

I also was considering using the priceline name your own price, but to my knowledge there's no way of picking the hotel you send your price directly to, it is just a general area and there's no guarantee it will be one with a shuttle. Let me know if you have any tips or places you know of. Thanks.

(trying to go for  full conv. Jul 12 -15, but if someone can find it close by for a little more i may just not go the 12th.)

I've found the deals through Travel Planners to be the most reasonable.  Everyone else jacks up their prices considerably since they know the rooms will get booked.

Some other things to factor into where you stay is the proximity to a grocery store so you can stock up on food supplies, if you will need to park a car and what you plan to do during your stay.  There are enough hotels on the shuttle routes that you can always walk to a nearby hotel that is on the route if yours doesn't offer one.  The one thing with the shuttle times though is that if you're trying to get in line early, you're gonna have to walk as the schedule indicates that the shuttles won't start running until 7am.

BTW, check out the post from CCI today. It looks like there are some rooms in the price range you mentioned.

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I checked out 500 West Hotels.

They're filling up though, so if you want to book with them, be sure to hurry!

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How easy is it to get a room through Travel Planners?  How does it work?  Is it crazy like the badge sales?  Sorry, I'm a newbie, and I just don't want to skip Early Bird only to not get a room through Travel Planners later.  Thoughts?  Thanks!!

What is this travel planners and can someone please explain it and also post a link to it lol


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