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When booking hotel room through CCI web site?

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Can anyone tell me from years past when booking through CCI for hotel rooms is there a minimum nights of stay? I am only wanting tickets for comic con Friday & Saturday, so if I get tickets for those days I will only need a room for Friday & Saturday. Was it possible to only get a room for 2 nights when booking through the CCI web site in the past?

that is a good question, when I find the answer I'll post.
i have a personal reason for finding out so the answer may be sooner rather than later.

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There is no minimum though they require you to put down a deposit for 1 day.  When you go to book, just make sure you enter the dates correctly.

Since you should be able to make changes to your reservation, I'd recommend booking for all 4 days and then changing it before the deadline in case your plans change and you end up either going for more days or finding things you want to do in the area. Much easier to cancel days than to add days I think.

I just learned about this booking site. It really makes me cringe. I've never had to do booking like this before so I'm hoping I end up with something that I actually want.  I am so used to calling the hotels that you want or using private booking sites created by the hotels for groups that the idea of entering hotels and they just pick one for you kinda sucks. Am I understanding the way the system works correctly?

I have taken a room at Crowne Plaza hotel via CCI Early Bird Sale.
Do you know when I will have to pay ? (I've entered my credit card information but they didn't take me any money.)


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