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It was amazing! So surprised when it happened, but it was so cool! I watched it from the sidewalk, but a lot of people were walking into the middle of the street trying to record it - it was quite dangerous as there was still quite a bit of oncoming traffic around downtown even at that time of night. The cars kept honking at people to move out of the way. ^__^;;;

The situation reminded me of those disaster movies where people stood still and looked up to the sky while an asteroid or meteorite comes crashing down. Hahahahahahahaha, it was that mesmerizing.

I saw this while waiting in line for the Good Omens 2 party! It was backwards for me but still good.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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This was only worth the swag if you aren't into photo ops. I went in the morning and there was only photo ops and the swag no burgers or donuts

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginI didn't know this happened.  The first drone show at SDCC.  For Futurama.

--- End quote ---

We went out to see it but then couldn't see it, by the time we got somewhere we could it was over.


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