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I live in the OC next county over. If you can't get a SD hotel consider staying in San Clemente or near a train station in OC. First it will be a lot cheaper. The San Clemente station is right on the beach. The train ride is less than 30 mins and there is a shuttle from the station to the convention center. For those with Thurs and Sunday tix you can stay near the Anaheim station and go to Disneyland.

Just keep in mind that the trains start a little later in the morning so if you have to be among the first in line then you'll want closer accomodations. If you don't mind walking in when the doors open around 9am, then the trains are a perfect alternative...

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While I agree that commuting from home may be cheaper (especially if you live near a train station), it's also important to consider the travel time to the San Diego Convention Center itself--including the train ride and the shuttle and/or trolley ride.  Based on my own estimate from using the Amtrak trains and buses/trolleys on any given day of the week, it could take anywhere between one to two hours or more.  Like what kvthai mentioned, the trains also have different departure times than what you expect.

The closest train station to the convention center is located at this address:
1050 Kettner Boulevard
San Diego, CA92101
(On, it's listed with the code "SAN.")

Whatever the individual case may be, it's always a good idea to be prepared and do research ahead of time, so good luck!

I was considering driving back and forth between Ventura County and San Diego. I did it last year, though, I used my mother's car. This year, I have only trucks. My dad's F-240 gets 14 highway and my RAM gets 19-20. With speculators on Wall Street driving up the prices, I'm considering lodging. OC is not a bad place and certainly far from the convention, therefore, not many people looking to book there. On the downside, people are looking to get hammered and want to be as close to Gaslamp as possible.

I've travelled to L.A. via the Metrolink and it would take 1 1/2 - 2 hours to reach Union Station from Ventura. Planning ahead of time will make things go smooth.

Actually I take it back, the San Clemente schedule is terrible. It leaves at 11am on Friday and gets to SD at 12.30pm.


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