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Non-Refundable Rooms Sold by CCI updated 3.22.12


As of today, 3.22.12, there are one bed rooms available at the following hotels in Mission Valley
Town & country
and a double bed rm at the seven seas

These will be available until or they sell out. they are the cheapest rates you will find. Name changes will be accepted until 4.9.12.
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i will be attempting to keep this post updated--

One thing to note is that some of these deals are not much better than just booking through the hotel site so do your homework. Remember that these are non-refundable and pre-paid. If this is wher you're going to stay anyway it's a deal but if you think you might like to be elsewhere then be careful.

I booked at the doubletree through the Hilton site and all I sacrificed was breakfast. Plus I can cancel up to 6 pm day of arrival and pre-paid nothing.

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Good to know
i hope to do daily updates as to their status in the op.  but that' may lead to the danger of 'posting prior to coffee' and making *silly* posts

 my gut feeling (without any proof) is that these rooms were the amount of rooms CCI put on sale last year in their Combo deals-

so... maybe no combo deal's this year....and

maybe a slightly easier time getting hotels downtown since people have been skimmed off to the early bird hotels-


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