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Using Hotel's Loyalty/Frequent Guest Program Points during CCI

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Hi all,

I just found out that, if I get passes during resales, that my friend may be able to use his father's hotel loyalty/frequent guest points to get him and I a room for CCI.  (His dad works for the oil industry in DFW and travels A LOT.)

Does anyone know if the SD hotels would allow this during that weekend, due to the high demand?  This would be the only way, I figured, to get a room near the convention center.  (I can't stay too far from it, due to disability and depending on bus/Trolley that weekend.)

Two of my friends used to be able to use their highest tier status to get a room close to the con *if* they booked it a year out. This year the closest they could get was out at the airport and not on a shuttle - it seems like the hotels close in aren't holding award rooms now that cci is committing the entire hotel.  Hotels only have a certain number of reward rooms they can use if avail.

If you are willing to drive or cab from a hotel farther out you can probably get a room. anything close is probably not gonna happen at this point.

One thing you might consider is using points to upgrade. Last year I was able to use elite status, some points, and a little cash to get upgraded to a suite at a close in hotel when I decided to bring the family along at the last minute.

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I've never had any success trying to use rewards points - they just don't save any rooms for that. I've had friends in higher up positions w/ hotels and they've tried making reservations using their benefits and they get denied as well.  Basically the hotels only want "paid" guests... =/

My brother travels across the country every week, so he has a lot of points. He booked us a room for SDCC a few months ago at a hotel about 8 minutes from the con, but it seems that now it is near impossible to get a hotel as close as the one he got. I'd say the best thing to do would be to book a room at least 5 months prior and then hope to get tickets. If you wait too much longer than that, the hotels become unavailable. Granted, that won't help this year, but maybe for next year.  ;) The good thing is he can refund the room if we can't make it.

i think the key to any cheap/rewards program and sdcc is to book early before they figure out when sdcc is.  I've got a hotel room for 7 nights for about $500 only because i booked early.


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