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Ok, I keep hearing about off-site things, can someone fill me in on what types of things are off-site, where they are and where do you find all that info out?

thanks all!

Info will be posted here plus it'll be on websites like Twitter, Facebook, SDCCBlog, and When Nerds Attack.

Events include but not limited to:

Nerd HQ
Movie Screenings
Bar/Restaurant Takeovers
Geek and Sundry

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Welcome newbie!  I started a thread not too long ago speculating about what off site events might be happening this year.  That thread is You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login.

Essentially off site events are things that happen in locations other than the convention center.  Most of them happen at venues in the Gaslamp district, which is the neat little bar/restaurant/shop area right across the street from the con center.  It's several dozen blocks of venue space.  Sometimes offsite events happen elsewhere around the convention center.  Usually you don't need a badge for them, but sometimes you do.  It varies from event to event.  For example, you can go to Nerd HQ (which is a place for smaller panels and a neat little hang out spot) without a badge, but the Game of Thrones exhibit last year required one.

If you're interested in any of the following, these should have a presence in San Diego again this year:

- Wired Cafe
- The Nerdist
- w00tstock
- Thrilling Adventure Hour


Just FYI, Wired Cafe isn't as open as it use to be. I think last year you could win your way in but that was it.


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