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Is it standard for people to charge for autographs, is that the norm or the exception? What should I expect to pay?


In most cases autographs are free. Some are handled via raffle and some you line up. There are a FEW that charge but not many.

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There are some areas where some folks charge for Autographs, Particularly in the Sails Pavilion.  They usually charge something on the order of $20 for an autograph with a picture they may be selling.  But all stars are supposed to sign your Comic-con guide for free, if I'm not mistaken.  For Autographs in the exhibition hall, run by one of the exhibitors, these are almost always free.

Depends where and who.
Autograph in the Sails pavilion should be free (because organized by SDCC). Some (former) actors have booths, and might charge a decent amount of money for a signature or a picture.
Some booth on the other hands might have guests, and most of them sign for free, but you might have to get a ticket or line up a bit in advance.

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