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Transmute Jun:
You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginTheOneRing.net is reporting that these will be the Hobbit panelists:

Director Peter Jackson, producer and co-screenwriter Phillipa Boyens, actor and director Andy Serkis along with featured actors Martin Freeman, Ian McKellen and Richard Armitage.

--- End quote ---

Don't forget Elijah Wood coming to the Con in disguise!  ;D

El Mayimbe is reporting that WB/Legendary's third Saturday film (in addition to The Hobbit and Pacific Rim), is Godzilla. He was wrong about Lone Ranger though, so y'know, grain of salt. If true, it would probably mean Man of Steel is out:

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Friends of Comic Cons:
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Let's keep the chatter regarding the individual panels to an absolute minimum, chaps - there's lots of space elsewhere on the forum for that. For now, let's keep it to a comprehensive 'panel headlines' resource, yeah? Thank you.

(Discussion posts that have been made already here, I'll be moving to the 'Panels Discussion' thread by mid-day GMT.)


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