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Welcome to the new and improved Hotel Review and Feedback Thread for Comic-Con!

Kindly follow this formatting when writing hotel reviews or feedback.
This is mainly to make it easier to read and help people get the major highlights from your post.

PLEASE DO NOT HOLD CONVERSATIONS IN THIS THREAD.  This is for hotel reviews and feedback only. 

Conversations in this thread may be deleted, removed, or split off into the main discussion thread without warning or notice at any time.  You have been warned.

Please go to the main hotel discussion thread if you wish to talk about your experiences at your hotel in depth, which is located here:
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I have created a list of questions that you can answer to help you think about things you may want to include in your hotel review.  You can answer all or some of the questions provided below. 

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Please try to follow the layout to make it easier for people to read your review and get the main points or highlights about the hotel.

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Name of Hotel:

Type of Room: (Did your room have 1 king-sized bed, 2 full-sized beds, or another type of bed?  Did you have a suite?)

Number of Nights You Stayed:

Year(s) You Stayed There: (Type in the actual year: 2012, 2013, 2014, etc.)

Hotel Review:

(Here are some questions to get you started as you think about your hotel stay during Comic-Con.  Again, you can answer all or some of these questions to help you write your hotel feedback comments.)

* Were there any dining options inside or near the hotel?
   If "Yes," tell us about the restaurants and type of food they had (if you remember).

* How was the hotel staff?  Were they polite and courteous?

* Did you order room service?
   If yes, tell us if you had a good or bad experience with room service.

* Tell us about the hotel amenities, like the gym or pool.  Did you use any of them?

* Were you and your roommates able to sleep and move around in the room comfortably?  Do you think the room is smaller or larger than the same type of room in other, comparable hotels?

* If you drove and parked your car at the hotel, how much was the parking rate per day for overnight stays?

* How long did it take you to travel to and from your hotel by shuttle, trolley, or on foot?

* Are the walls of the room thin?  What are the noise levels in your room from outside sources (hallway or next door)?

* Does the hotel have free WiFi for guests?  (Yes or No)

* Are you a member of the hotel's rewards program?  What level do you have, and what kind of perks did you get?

* Is there anything else you like to mention about the hotel (i.e., celebrity sightings) or your room that isn't mentioned above?

What did you like about staying at this hotel?
Since you might have already wrote about it from the questions above, just make a quick list about the things you liked the most about your stay at this particular hotel.

Example list:
- close location to the convention center
- had great customer service
- close to a lot of restaurants
- great view from your room
- a lot of celebrity sightings, etc.

Finally, what didn't you like about staying at this hotel?
Tell us about anything that negatively impacted your stay at this particular hotel that you may not have already mentioned above. 

Example list:
- expensive hotel rates per night
- small size of the rooms
- far distance from the convention center
- long traveling time to and from the convention center, etc.

To make it easier to copy the formatting in the above post, you can also follow these steps:
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    By doing this, you can "save" the formatting (with bold text as well as the list format) to make it easier to write your hotel feedback.

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3. At the end of the quoted text, delete the part that says:
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4. Next, delete everything before the words "HOTEL REVIEW AND FEEDBACK LAYOUT."

5. Delete my "Example lists" so you can type in your own comments there.

6. Now you have a formatted reply (with the bold text and italics formatting), and you can type your answers to the questions.

7. Remember that you can answer all or some of the questions on the list. 
    Just delete the questions that you don't know, don't remember, or don't have an answer for. 
    Remember to delete the [ b] and [ /b] bold tags if you remove a question, or your entire post might accidentally end up in all bold.

That's it!

Thank you for writing a hotel review for the forum!

Name of Hotel:Westin Gaslamp

Type of Room:Two Double Beds

Number of Nights You Stayed:5 nights

Hotel Review:

I enjoyed my stay at the Westin Gaslamp last year.  The staff was wonderful.  The room was quiet and really clean.  I was with a group of 4 guys (no cosplayers), and there was plenty of room.  We never had an issue with the space.

The walk to the convention center wasn't bad at all.  It's a quick walk (about 10 min) with great people watching.  There is a supermarket a block away for any quick runs of food/drinks/supplies.  They have a restaurant inside, but didn't try it.  Did have some drinks and appetizers in the lounge area, and they were good.  They have a to-go snack store inside.

Parking is valet only, and it's pricey, but not more than the others in the Gaslamp.

It was a convenient location for getting in line to get tickets for Conan, since it's right across the street. 

I enjoyed my stay, and would definitely stay there again in the future.

Name of Hotel: Hotel Solamar

Type of Room: 1 King Bed

Number of Nights You Stayed: 5 or 6

I've stayed here from 2012-2015

Can get noisy with all the parties that go on on the rooftop. They end late at night and are loud enough to shake the room. Try to get a room high up (6th floor and above) or not facing the pool.

The staff is very nice but can get tied up with all the Syfy guests there.

There is a rooftop pool/lounge area but its usually always blocked off for private parties. They have free coffee and water in the lobby in the morning and then wine and beer in the evening.

Rooms are pretty tight. We had a king room with a rollaway bed and it was barely enough room for 3 people. The rollaway was $20/night and uncomfortable.

I only drove down one year. They have valet but its pricey. They will only let you park by the front door for a few minutes to load your bags. Otherwise they want you to keep on moving. I luckily found street parking to unload my bags then drove my car to a parking garage near the airport for the rest of the week.

3 blocks away so a short walk. It can get tricky though because you either have to walk down the main drag through a ton of people OR walk along side petco, then past the Omni and finally to the crosswalk.

Free wifi to Kimpton Karma members. Wifi speed was pretty good.

I've seen tons of Syfy celebs over the years but no one from any other shows. This is the exclusive hotel of Syfy so they have a ton of rooms blocked for their people.

- Close to Con Center
- Broken Yolk next door
- Nice rooms/Comfy beds
- Celeb sightings
- Dog friendly!
- Bag holding room for after you check out

- Noise level
- Small rooms
- Mini fridge is stuffed with mini bar items - use at your own risk

Name of Hotel: Manchester Grand Hyatt

Type of Room: double room, 1 King Bed

Number of Nights You Stayed: 6

We stayed here in 2015

It's a very nice and very large luxury hotel with a really friendly and attentive staff.

Rooms were quite comfortable, pretty spacious, and since we were kind of high up in the Harbor tower and facing the water we had a really nice view.  We requested a refrigerator and microwave when we checked in, and we got those very quickly after getting to the room.  I also needed a foam pillow (hate those feather things) and extra hangers, and we got those pretty quickly too.

The hotel is just a block or so away from the convention center, but it is a big block with the Marriott Marquis and Marina on it.  I think it's something like a half mile from the Hotel lobby doors to the convention center doors, but it's a pretty easy half mile and only about a five minute or so walk.

We had a nightlight acting up in the bathroom, and the maintenance people never seemed to be able to fix it, but it wasn't that big a deal, and I doubt that kind of thing happens in every room.

We were high up to try to get away from some of the street level noise, but since the Hotel was so close to the convention center and those RR tracks, we couldn't get away from the horn of a train blaring late at night on several nights.  I called the front desk the second time it happened to ask if that happened every night.  I was told "pretty much," and they sent up two pairs of ear plugs.

Overall, an excellent hotel and very positive experience.

- Close to Convention Center
- Good sized, comfortable rooms
- Friendly and attentive staff
- Free WIFI with pretty good speed
- Nerdy stuff to do in the hotel during the con (X-Box lounge and some SDCC programming rooms)
- Two nice pools

-Close to the train tracks and we were awakened by a train horn on multiple nights


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