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Title: LEGO CON | June 26, 2021
Post by: Michael M on June 01, 2021, 01:31:32 PM

Just announced!

LEGO CON | June 26, 2021 (
Title: Re: LEGO CON | June 26, 2021
Post by: alyssa on June 01, 2021, 09:34:16 PM
speaking of lego....
anyone else catch the season opener of Lego Master tonight?

Want to get closer to the LEGO world? We’re excited to let you in...

That’s why we’re hosting our first ever LEGO CON, the online experience for LEGO fans everywhere!

Join us for 90 minutes of live entertainment, world-first reveals, behind-the-scenes access and never-tried-before build attempts.

It’s something new. It’s something fresh. And it’s all online.

We’ll be going live from LEGO House (The Home of the Brick) in Billund, Denmark to bring you the latest news, world-first set reveals and some very special guests...

Plus, you’ll be able to VOTE, share your own builds throughout the show and connect with an awesome community who share your passion for the brick.

Livestream the event right here, for free...




Our house is your house.

Are you in?
Title: Re: LEGO CON | June 26, 2021
Post by: SamTurtledove on June 27, 2021, 12:36:07 AM

We came together to DOT LEGO House

We thought to ourselves, how can we make something BIG and colourful and creative AND get everyone involved?

Well, during the event we unveiled the enormous wall at LEGO House, a soon-to-be an art installation made from LEGO DOTS designs from fans all around the world.

You guys sent us your awesome patterns for the wall during the show! If you didn’t get the chance, submit a design here before 1st August 2021.

LEGO DOTS design lead Amy Corbett (and judge on LEGO Masters USA) showed us how to achieve impactful art with our vibrant DOTS range. Try some of her tips at home!

Products Revealed

Edit: YT of show added

LEGO CON 2021 - Full show - Live from LEGO House, Billund Denmark!