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NYCC 2012 RoomMate thread


Just a quick word about Condo Shares; If you Book the condo for a good price you will find people to share the cost. 
Make sure you understand the *total cost*.  This includes taxes & cleaning fees.

kindly follow this format

Name: (This is optional; you can use your forum username instead)
Hotel: (Which hotel you are staying at?  Are beds available? Is there floor space available?  Will there be roll-out beds?)

Days Booked: (Include which days)
Price: (Include calculated hotel tax and the like.  If you're looking for a room, just write "N/A" here.)
Smoking/Drinking: (Yes or No)
Spaces Left: (In other words, how many people do you want to be in your room? Don't forget to include yourself.)

Preferences and Description:
What type of room is it, and how many people can it fit?
Do you have an age or gender preference for roommates?
Include a brief description about yourself: (Ex: I am a cosplayer, so I have props and other cosplay items that will take up a portion of the room.)
Specific behavioral preferences for roommates? (Ex: I prefer one that is organized, clean, and a non-smoker.)
Please edit/modify your post if your room is full, or if you made any changes to the room.
This is so that people can see which rooms are available and which aren't.

* Disclaimer*
****I do not vet people/agencys who post here!  Please use your personal judgement as to the other person****

***Thank you Zero for putting structure to this page! ***


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