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Welcome to the SDCC 2019 Room Sharing Thread!
It's that time again!

I will open up this thread sometime around the end of this year.

In the meantime, now is good opportunity to familiarize (or re-familiarize) yourself with the room sharing request guidelines in this first post! Isn't that neat?  ;p


Kindly follow this format.

Please don't post anywhere else on this site trying to get a roommate for San Diego Comic-Con.  ONLY POST HERE! 

Please post only ONCE in this thread (to be considerate of your fellow forum members and to avoid spamming the thread). 

Duplicate posts will be deleted without notice.  You have been warned.

Please note that this thread is for finding roommates for ROOM SHARING ONLY.


In an effort to keep things organized and easy to read through, this is for room sharing requests only. 

Conversations in this thread may be deleted without warning.

Please edit/modify your post if the spaces in your room have been taken.

This is so that people can see which rooms are available and which aren't. 

You can also use the strike-through feature to indicate that your request is closed: [ s]text goes here[/ s]    

Remove the spaces, so it will look like this ==> text goes here

Please note that this thread is for finding roommates for ROOM SHARING ONLY.

This thread is NOT intended for making hotel requests.  It does not replace the hotel exchange in any way, shape, or form.  Please do not post here if you are looking to trade a hotel reservation or get a hotel reservation giveaway.
If you post in this thread, please be aware that this means you are saying that you WANT roommates at whatever hotel you end up with.  Provide details about yourself.  Include the description and preferences!

If you post in this thread, this means that you agree to have other forum members contact you via PM for the possibility of sharing a room together at Comic-Con 2019.

We're doing our best to help keep the forums organized for reading and discussing, but we need your help to do this.

Thank you for your understanding!


LOOKING FOR A ROOM SHARE (I want to share a room with someone.)


LOOKING FOR ROOMMATES (I already booked a room and need roommates.)

Name: (This is optional; you can use your forum username instead)

Hotel Area/Name of Hotel: (What is your preferred hotel or area to stay in?)

Days: (Include which days.)

Price Per Night: (For those looking for roommates, YOU NEED TO BE UPFRONT ABOUT THE PRICE IN YOUR POST.  If you want to room share, what is your price range?)

Smoking/Drinking: (Yes or No)

Spaces: (If you're looking for a room share, how many people do you want to be in your room?  If you're looking for roommates, how many spaces are available in your room?  Don't forget to include yourself.)

Preferences and Description:

Age Preference of Roommates:

Gender Preference of Roommates: (Type in "all-male," "all-female," or "co-ed.")

Include a brief description about yourself: (Ex: I am a cosplayer, so I have props and other cosplay items that will take up a portion of the room.  I'm a morning person, so I like to wake up early to get ready for the day.  I prefer non-smoking roommates.)

Additional preferences for roommates: (Ex: I prefer someone who is organized and clean.)

NOTE: Do not add your phone number to your post.  To protect our forum members from potential phone scams, phone numbers will be removed without notice.


The forum administrators and moderators do not vet individuals that post here!  This thread was created with the intention to provide a designated venue that allows interested individuals to initiate contact with each other for the possibility of sharing a hotel room at San Diego Comic-Con.

Please use your best personal judgement and common sense, and as always, please proceed with caution when arranging any agreements (especially with strangers).  Discuss payment details and rooming expectations thoroughly.

Just a quick word about condo shares:

If you book the condo for a good price, you will find people to share the cost. 

Make sure you understand the *total cost.*  This includes taxes and cleaning fees.

You can create a post for condo sharing using the same format as above, but just type "CONDO RENTAL" or "LOOKING FOR CONDO ROOMMATES" at the top, instead of "looking for a room" or "looking for a roommate."  Replace any sections as necessary to describe the condo and explain the pricing costs.


1. Go to the person's post in this thread.

2. Under the profile photo (or avatar), click on the icon that looks like this: or :

3. Fill out the "Subject" box with "Comic-Con Room Sharing."

4. Type in your message to the other person.  Don't forget to discuss details about the room share thoroughly before making agreements!


1. Click on "Modify" at the top right corner area of your post.

2. Alternatively, you can click on the little paper and pencil icon on the bottom right area of your post.

3. Edit the text as necessary.

4. Click "Save."

5. That's it!  You have successfully edited your post.

(This method works for any of your posts on the forums. ^__~)

LOOKING FOR A ROOM SHARE (I want to share a room with someone.)
Update: Still looking for a roomshare as of 5-16-2019.
Name: Eternal Zan (female, rhymes with "fan.")

Hotel Area/Name of Hotel: Anything downtown/ Gaslamp.

Days: Minimum: Tue/Wed/Thur-Mon morning checkout. I am volunteering for setup and may be able to arrive as early as Monday. If your reservation is for a shorter time, that is fine. I don't mind adding an extras on my own separate reservation.

Price Per Night: $100, this is flexible. I understand that some hotels cost more than others.

Smoking/Drinking: No/Yes

Spaces: 6 people maximum.

Preferences and Description: I would like guaranteed bed space and at least one other woman in the room.  I am a woman. I prefer a co-ed room or all-female room.

Age Preference of Roommates: 18 and up.

Gender Preference of Roommates: I prefer a co-ed room or all-female room. I am a woman.  I am willing to share a double bed with a fellow female in an all-female or co-ed room.

Include a brief description about yourself: I am an experienced convention attendee. I prefer a "sanctuary room" where people party at the con and use the room primarily for sleeping and costume changes.

Additional preferences for roommates: No smoking or vaping in the room, quiet environment for sleeping at night. Drinking is okay.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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LOOKING FOR A ROOM SHARE (I want to share a room with someone)   already found a spot! thanks everyone for the response!
Name: liz

Hotel Area/Name of Hotel: downtown/gaslamp quarter hotel  preferred but  Hotel circle will be fine too but MUST be on shuttle route no longer than 15/20 min shuttle ride.

Days: minimum check in: wednesday - sun check out, monday check out would be good too.

Price Per Night:  prefer around 150$ but negotiable depending on location and what hotel you have

Smoking/Drinking: no/yes (as long as you know your limits.)

Spaces: 4-5 or less.

Preferences and Description:im okay with sharing a bed(female)or floor spot just need to know in advance

Age Preference of Roommates: 18+ Or minors accompanied by a parent is fine.

Gender Preference of Roommates: prefer all female but co-ed and least 1 other female is fine.

Include a brief description about yourself: i am a veteran con goer, i go to some anime cons, wondercon and SDCC. I am a cosplayer but will only do light to no cosplay for sdcc. I spend most of the time at con, But i do go back and forth to drop things off. Im a morning person for cons.  im usually out the door early and come back
To sleep in the evening (if not camping out). I prefer any partying to be kept outside the room. I will be at wondercon if you would like to meet before sdcc.

Additional preferences for roommates:no smoking , respectful of others property, quiet at night. Clean and organized.

LOOKING FOR A ROOM SHARE (I want to share a room with someone.)

Name: Tep

Hotel Area/Name of Hotel: Hard Rock

Days: Wednesday - Sunday

Price Per Night: negotiable

Smoking/Drinking: No preference. We don't smoke

Spaces: for me and a friend so 2 spots needed in the room

Preferences and Description: I use a sleeping bag and my friend uses a bed

Age Preference of Roommates: no preference

Gender Preference of Roommates: none but we are both female

Include a brief description about yourself: We have both been to comic con for several years and usually are only in the room to sleep and shower and house our toys

Additional preferences for roommates:

LOOKING FOR A ROOM SHARE (I want to share a room with someone.)

UPDATE 05/17: Still have not found a room share, hoping still for a Downtown site, again willing to take a floor space if available.

Name: Chris

Hotel Area/Name of Hotel: Any Hotels in the Downtown/Gaslamp Area

Days: Wednesday, July 17th thru Monday, July 22nd

Price Per Night: 120/night, really don't want to get over 700 if I can help it.

Smoking/Drinking: I don't mind either, but I won't do either.

Spaces: Doesn't matter to me, willing to take a floor space.

Age Preference of Roommates: No Preferene

Gender Preference of Roommates: No Preference

Include a brief description about yourself: I'm 27, male, I do plan on doing a little cosplay, but otherwise I'm just trying to enjoy my second Con and make it a little nicer for myself by getting into a hotel room instead of a hostel. My priority is a space with A/C, and to store my luggage/swag. I keep things pretty tidy and I'm open to being as involved or as disassociated with you as a roommate, whichever you prefer. I'm coming in as a volunteer to SDCC so chances are I'll be sparsely in the room given everything there is to do.


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