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Help! Got Excel experence? Wanna help out with hotels & gain major Con Karma?


Due to real life issues, we're looking for someone to join our Hotel Team and help out with Excel/Google Docs.

Bottom line if you've got advanced excel/programmer. in google sheets and are interested in leading the team for the hotel sale. We need a lead to for the project that knows google sheets or have an extreme interest in learning how to write code in them, access to google sheets from their job, will be available train volunteers on the sheets, and be able to fix them during the event.

in can spare some time before and during the SDCC hotel sale, we'd LOVE to chat with you. This is a volunteer gig so it's up to u the amount of time you put in. Rest assured, there are many folks already working on this, they just can't devote as much time to the sale this year as they have in the past.  Bottom line, we need someone to join the team so we don't get burnt out! /if folks get burnt out they don't return for next year ;) /

PM me and [member=2339]NCDS[/member] If you think you might have the skills to help us out.


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