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K, so superbowl ads....

that fast & furious movie ad- I'm gonna see that movie based on the ad


and that superbowl avengers......

handmaids tale season 3

my fav ad

twlight zone!! omg

half time

what comercials did everyone else like in the first half?

Transmute Jun:
I've only seen whatever is on Youtube, but I liked these.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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that Amazon commercial with Harrison ford is a winner - it def makes my top 5

The Bud Light ads were great this year!  The GoT one in particular, but their agency did a super job with all of them. 

I also liked The Handmaid's Tale ad, and we had to rewind the Avengers and watch again.

A solid ad year IMO!  It makes up for the crappy football game they played in between the ads.



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