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How would you transfer a hotel?  My buddy got an extra one and wants to give it to me, but its under her name. What is the best approach to this.  Thanks

[member=3365]Ganemis[/member] we've got a listing from last year but it hasn't been vetted yet Please please take it don't be upset if it's not accurate!

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Basic Deposit Process: (includes notes on how to change name of reservation holder, etc. for transferring rooms)

Notice of Reservation E-mail:

You need to click Add Credit Card Details in this e-mail to be directed to the right place. It's a link specific to your reservation and will take you to a page that asks you to Activate an account for the reservation.

*Note: if it takes you to a page that asks for the username, it's doing this probably because you are not redirecting directly from the reservation e-mail. The original e-mail address is the username if you encounter this other page.

By following the directions, this sends an Activation Code to the original, associated e-mail address like so:

**This is a very plain e-mail and it went directly to my Junk mail despite all other e-mails coming into my Inbox correctly.

Go back to the link you used to get to the page to Activate (or that tab/window if you still have it open.) It should now ask you for the Activation Code as well as two boxes to set your password (Password and to Re-enter the Password.) You can either activate it yourself and set an easy(ish) password, or send the info over to the person you need to swap with. I set a password and then just sent the link and password to my friend. [Sorry, I don't have a cap of this page as I did it while I was at my office computer.]

*Note: if it takes you to a page that asks for the username and password, it's doing this probably because you are not redirecting directly from the reservation e-mail. The original e-mail address is the username if you encounter this other page. Otherwise, it just asks you for a password.

Once you do this and login, you will be brought to the deposit and information page:

On this page you enter your card information for the deposit, can change some room information, guests, etc. and it shows you the deposit required and full stay (with and without tax.) The deposit is with tax for those who are interested* This page may look slightly different, for me the breakdown of cost was at the top but for her it looked like this (or maybe it's how print to pdf moved it around.)

After you double-check all your information, hit Finish and it takes you to this page:

[A*] If you need to change dates you will need to submit payment and then click on the link "View details, make changes, or cancel":
You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginOnce you submit the payment, you should be on the homepage of your reservation.  From there you can modify the dates.

--- End quote ---
Please note that you might not be able to add days to your reservation due, likely, to the hotel reservation process not being completed with another wave of reservations next week. Decreasing dates should not be a problem. If you need to add days and can't right now, check back later occasionally because one they have more rooms settled they might be able to shift the inventory for some hotels after the second wave ends.

From this page you can change the Reservation's associated e-mail address and phone number:

Click the name in the upper right-hand corner next to where it says "Help". This will give you a drop-down list of "Edit Account", "Change Password" and "Log Out." Select Edit Account and you will get this pop-up:

Change the e-mail address and phone number to your liking. Sadly, you can't change the main reservation name at this point online, you will have to call and make sure you have all of the information from the original reservation, to start make sure to add YOURSELF (the new reservation holder) as an occupant so they see your name on the res. Please See below as [member=4284]Jonathan[/member] was able to change the name holding the reservation when they swapped reservations:
You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginMyself and another member just exchanged hotels. All one needs to know is the OnPeak ID number, name, email address, and then you can call them and get the info switched to yours. So when I got that information, I called OnPeak and on their end, they just everything to mine. Only things you can modify yourself online is the email address, phone and password.

--- End quote ---

**Note: Some people are having trouble changing occupant names and some people aren't. You may have to call OnPeak again for that.

Additionally, if you received your reservation from someone you don't know, you may want to choose the "Change Password" option after changing the e-mail address. Just if you want to though.

Now, for the e-mails that arrive after you complete this process.

Reservation Pending E-mail:

This one specifically states that it is pending and you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours. You only have until the card processes to change the payment option!

Of note, when the names of the guests were changed it kept the Old Guests AND added the New Guests onto the list of guests. In my case, that's 4 names. But, we have a triple room and the reservation still shows as a triple and the deposit still shows the correct amount so I'm not too worried about that. Also, I didn't choose Early Arrival and Late Departure, I don't remember those being an option on the form, BUT my friend might have when she put in her card. I don't know.

Deposit Confirmation E-mail:

This e-mail came in ~1 hour after the deposit was entered. The associated e-mail address is also showing as the new, correct e-mail address on this page (not that you can see this in the cap.) Guests are still wonky, but that's okay I think. It specifically states that they were able to process the card AND the outstanding balance has changed to $0.00. Please keep in mind that we made our deposit roughly within normal banking business hours and this may have expedited the deposit processing as there have been times in the past it took an overnight processing.

The last two e-mails were also sent to the e-mail address my friend listed when she listed me as a guest. So guests listed with an e-mail address will be copied in properly.

Erased/Erasing Occupant Names:

You are not allowed to view links. Register or LoginJust wanted to report I successfully transferred a hotel room using the steps above.  We only had one problem the room was for a quad and when we changed it to a double it erased all the occupant names and just put the original name as the occupant.   I called onpeak since it was under my name and got the other person added on the room.  Shortly after they got a new confirmation with their name on it.

--- End quote ---

Now this specifically was about names being erased, but it seems OnPeak is able to at least change names. Up in the air as to whether they'll do it consistently.


[Edit] As of 4/12/18 this is current, as I've completed this myself.

Basically, this is for people who received one reservation with two or more rooms and you're distributing them to other people to pay. This walk-through will show you how to put down a DIFFERENT credit card for each room. This one is a bit trickier and LUCKILY no longer involves the main reservation holder to put everyone else's card info in. You could though, that avoids the issue where OP tried to charge my card a ton of times because one person input their card and then it tried to charge me for the other amount. Let the person you're giving the room to know that their card will be charged ASAP when they input it.

Follow the above guide for getting your reservation activated and logging in, from there on follow this:

When you login to your reservation page, the very first time you should see something like this, but where you input information:

Alternatively, if you've logged in a few times, you may get a screen like this, in which case you need to click "Edit / Review", under the picture of the hotel, in order to assign/check on the status of the individual rooms.

*Apologies, for some reason the picture of the hotel doesn't show up in the PDF, but does on the page.*

So, the main reservation holder must put a card down, of some sort. I recommend using a prepaid card of a smallish amount OR using a card that doesn't have the credit limit to do the full amount that needs to be paid. OP, despite saying you can put the different cards for each room and not asking before this step, will try to charge the card for any leftover rooms that haven't been assigned yet.

Click "Proceed" and it will take you to a page like this where you can assign rooms, change the main room holder name, change roommate names, dates, occupancy, etc. (obviously, I had 5 rooms to assign)

Hover over an individual room, and change the e-mail address and main name of the person who will be handling payment for the room. Save changes and then click the envelope symbol to the right of the new e-mail address. That will send a confirmation email to the person whose email you entered AND let them make an account to login to their room and put a new card down. Repeat for as many rooms as necessary.

Now, as the main holder, you can still see all of the rooms, and you can change dates, occupancy, etc. as needed. Just make sure you're doing it to the right room (made that mistake myself once). That way you or the new reservation holder for the room don't need to call OP. Also, you can edit the roommates' names, just click on room's "x/x Roommates" and fill in names and e-mail addresses (optional) then press Save Changes. Boom, you completed all of those! Just make sure to save every correct change!

4. Room Transfer Post-Deposit

NOTE: Per the Hotel Swap rules, if you received a room from another person and then need to transfer it to another person, you NEED to contact the original person who gave you the room and ask if it's okay to transfer it. There is often personal information, for the original reservation holder, attached to the room and you need to at least let them know the situation.

This requires a fair amount of trust. There are a couple ways to do it.

- Paypal/Venmo/etc.

Basically this requires a lot of trust. The transfer-er needs to be paid the money for the deposit from the new person  (transferee) and then needs to call OP to change the name to the new transferee. Then, the transferee needs to change the card associated with the account, to ensure for incidents like no-shows, the transfer-er doesn't get charged remaining fees. You can do this by calling OP or you may be able to do it online this year.

- Calling OP

Now, this generally requires a 3-way phone call with the transferee and the transferer WITH OP, so exchange the information, so that you can get it all transferred at once. NOW, someone confirmed that this year OP won't, at all, let you change the card on file AND refund the amount to charge the new card. It has been done previously, but it's not working anymore. This way, you can ensure that the room gets transferred if you make payment to take it over.

Make sure the transferee (new holder) changes the email and password associated with the reservation. That way you know you have control over it now, and no one can accidentally log-in to it.

Friends of Comic Cons:
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Just went through an exchange process and I wasn't able to change the name under the reservation nor the dates.  I was trying to take away Tuesday.  I'll call on peak tomorrow to see if I can change the name.  I was able to change the email address and phone number though.

I did one entirely online and I was able to change the dates (removed extra nights) and the reservation name. The original reservation-holder's name does still appear under mine, but that was true last year too and wasn't a problem at all.

Michael M:
[member=1291]semigeekgirl[/member] how did you change the reservation name?


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